• Atty. Harvey I. Lapin

    Legal Speak

        Harvey I. Lapin, P.C., is a member of the Illinois Bar and Florida Bar. He is a member of the faculty at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago and is presently teaching the subject of Tax Exempt Organizations. He is also associated with Florida-based law firm Sachs, Sax & Caplan, leading the firm’s Funeral, Cemetery and Cremation Practice Group.

        He has written numerous articles on the subject of taxation, funeral and cemetery law.

        The subject discussed in this article and future articles resulted from the questions from readers. The author is licensed to practice law in Illinois, Florida and Wisconsin. He has been involved with legal matters related to the industry in almost every state and can be reached by phone at 847-334-1983 or by email at harv4law@gmail.com.

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