Advertising Options

Front Cover Photos

Buyer's GuideA limited number of space for full color photos is available on the front cover of the Buyer's Guide.

Full Color Advertising

Full page and half page ads placed in the beginning and ending pages of the Buyer's Guide are available in full color.

Beginning Page Advertising

1/4, 1/2 and full page ads may be placed within the beginning pages of the Buyer's Guide for an additional charge.

Product/Service Category Advertising

Advertising of any size may appear within any product or service heading in black and white. Choose the category best suiting your product or service. Ads are placed alphabetically whenever possible. Specific Placement (i.e. beginning of category, top of page, etc.) is reserved on a first come first serve basis for an additional charge. "Extra Ads" may be purchased for additional categories

To place an ad, call 1-800-321-7479, email, or download the Ad Space Order Form.

Advertising Rates

Download Ad Space Order Form

Extra Ads

The largest ad placed is a "Main Ad" which is charged at full price. Any additional ad(s) placed are "Extra Ads" available at a discounted price.

If an ad is placed in the Buyer's Guide, any Funeral Home & Cemetery Directory ads will be charged at the "Extra Ad" rates. Likewise, once an ad is placed in the Funeral Home & Cemetery Directory, any advertising in the Buyer's Guide will be charged at the "Extra Ad" rate.

All Advertisers Receive Free:

  • Standard Size Funeral Home & Cemetery Directory
  • Pocket Size Funeral Home & Cemetery Directory
  • Buyer's Guide
  • Funeral Home & Cemetery News

For current pricing please consult our Rate Chart.

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