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Submission Deadline -

For publication in Funeral Home & Cemetery News the deadline is the 5th of the previous month.
(example: To publish in June, submit by May 5th).  Ads will also appear in the Online Classifieds at no additional charge within 5 business days from receipt of ad and payment.
Sorry, no refunds are given for ads canceled after appearing in the Online Classifieds.
See the classified advertising rates.



There is a 0.30 charge for each additional word per issue over 50 words.
As a courtesy, two and three letter words will not be counted when totaling words.

You may add an e-mail and/or website address link to your online classified free of charge.


  • Use the browse button to locate your image(s) on your computer
  • Select/click on the image on your computer and click the open button
  • The file path and name will appear in the text box
  • Next, click the Upload Image button to load the image on our Server
  • After completing this page, click the Add to cart button to link the image to your shopping cart
  • For more than 4 images or for video upload instructions email or
    call 1-800-321-7479 ext. 260.


SelecttitleUnit Price
Classified Advertising - 1 Issue $60.00
Classified Advertising - 3 Issues $155.00

Classified Add-Ons


Price: $60.00

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