May 2020

Page A30 MAY 2020 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS S ec t i on A SPRING 2020 Hydraulic Foot Pump $3995 Steel/Battery $5395 Steel/Battery/Scale $5945 Aluminum/Battery $6895 Aluminum/Battery/Scale $7445 Crematory scissor lift Laminated body storage board $199 Casket Flag Bands (5) $39.95 single casket flag band $9.95 International Mortuary Shipping 1-800-604-9576 Mortuary stretcher $895 Oversized stretcher $1495 hydraulic embalming table $3495 Church trucks $425 slider board $99 Oversized $119 disaster body bag 5 pack $150 standard body bag 10 pack $73 Emergency Assistance Grief Support COVID-19 CRISIS RESPONSE FUND FUNERAL SERV I CE FOUNDAT ION Your gift directly supports funeral service and grieving families in this time of loss and uncertainty. Give Today at All gifts matched up to $100,000 thanks to a generous gift from Homesteaders Life Company. “WHY of the Funeral” and can be used alongside the “WHY of the Funeral” package or separately. In addition, he provides training to cemeterians and funeral directors on the “WHY” of both meaningful funerals and perma- nent placement. These materials were created to coin- cide with Dr. Wolfelt’s keynote address at the 2020 ICCFA convention, now re- scheduled for March 25, 2021. New Educational Materials Teach the Value of Permanent Placement and Memorialization FORT COLLINS,CO— The Center for Loss and Life Transition announces the publication of new mate- rials by grief educator Dr. Alan Wolfelt intended to teach the families and communities they serve the value of permanent placement and memorial- ization. The Final Resting Place materials were designed to assist funeral directors and cemeterians in help- ing people understand the reasons why, after the cremation of a loved one, they should consid- er choosing a permanent, secure, sacred, and public location for the placement of the person’s remains. The 24” x 36” poster is entitled “Why Choose A Final Resting Place” and fits in a standard-sized poster frame. Dr. Wol- felt suggests that funer- al homes and cemeteries place one poster in their Author, educator, and grief counselor Dr. Alan Wolfelt serves as Director of the Center for Loss and Life Transition in Fort Col- lins. He is the author of numerous books on funeral service and grief, including Creating Meaningful Fu- neral Experiences and Funeral Home Customer Service A to Z . Dr. Wol- felt also contributes to The Director magazine and ICCFA Magazine . To order the “Final Resting Place” and “WHY of the Funeral” educa- tional materials, call 970-226-6050 or visit arrangement room and one in their lobby. The poster is accompanied by a tri-fold brochure that is designed to be used as a teaching tool during arrangements as well as to be given to families to take home. Compassionate and clear, it teaches the “whys” of permanent placement and me- morialization in more detail. These new materials are also designed to complement Dr. Wolfelt’s posters, brochures, and training guide on the Digital Directory Now Available Visit Read the Funeral Home & Cemetery News Electronic Version Search the Online Directories Download instantly at Save on Shipping!