April 2023

Page A4 April 2023 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Section A By Nancy Weil Five words that can take us in so many directions. I would like to explore with you one of the major frustrations you may have in your professional (and personal) life. “How can I reach you?” is a question that requires paying attention to every person you want to connect to. In doing so, it allows you to get questions answered, take action on projects and have your needs met. However, it also means monitoring more and more communication modes. Let’s take a quick inventory: 1. How many email accounts do you have? Personal, professional, one to receive the things you have to put in an email address to get, but you don’t want to look at anything again from that company? 2. How many phone numbers can people use to reach you? Home phone? (Those still exist in many households) Cell phone? Business cell separate from personal cell phone? Office phone? Multiple locations for your business each with a different phone number? 3. Where do you receive your text messages? Some of the above? One of the above? None of the above? 4. Are you feeling the love for FaceTime? WhatsApp? Skype? Teams? 5. Zoom has become a way of life. Long gone are the days of a simple phone call, now it is a matter of scheduling a Zoom or other video chat meeting. Random Musings Serving as Member Resources Director at the International Order of the Golden Rule, Nancy Weil brings her years of experience working in the funeral industry to funeral directors across the globe. Her professional experience includes serving as Director of Grief Support and Community Outreach at Veterans Funeral Care in Clearwater, FL and at eleven cemeteries in Western New York. Nancy travels throughout the country offering presentations on how to reduce stress, combat compassion fatigue and offer support for those who are grieving through her company, The Laugh Academy. With certifications as a Grief Services Provider and Grief Management Specialist, Funeral Celebrant, Soul Injury Ambassador and Laughter Leader, Nancy is uniquely qualified to bring new perspectives into how to best meet the needs of the families you serve. For more information on how Nancy can help you and your company grow, visit her website: www.TheLaughAcademy.com or email Nancy@ TheLaughAcademy.com. FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS www.NomisPublications.com Monthly Columnsonline at in the mail. They can save it to read over and over again. It seems that the busier we get, the more ways technology finds to confuse and irritate us when all we want is an answer to a simple question like, “Want to meet for lunch?” By the way, here are some of the ways you can reach me with your thoughts on this or whatever else is on your mind: NWeil@OGR.org https://www.linkedin.com/in/nancyweil/ 512-334-5504 ext. 304 How Can I Reach You? 6. Let’s not forget social media. Facebook messenger is a great way to connect with someone who checks to see how many “likes” their latest post received. Do you need to check your LinkedIn account for messaging and notifications? Tweet much? Too much? Tik Tok videos? Instagram posts? 7. When was the last time you put something into an envelope with a stamp on it and mailed it out? Did that get you a response? This is the reality for many people. As ways to communicate grow, so does the challenge. You must discover each person’s preference so that you can reach them when you need to. It is up to you to know that Frank likes a phone call and will either answer or call you back that day if you leave a message. While busy funeral director Janet will take a quick glance at her text messages and respond. If you need to reach Bill, pop onto Facebook and send him a private message. You are sure to hear back within the hour. Amanda tends to work long hours and receives her emails on her work and home computer and her phone. She also likes to print out important information so that she can review it when she gets a free moment. Want to connect with Amanda? Send her an email. Long distance meeting? FaceTime is almost like being in the same room. I still encounter many people who prefer receiving something in the mail. This way they cannot ignore or miss it. They put it on their desk so that they remember to respond. Even better is when a person receives an unexpected note Seven Appointed to Medical Examiners Commission DETROIT,MI— Licensed funeral director Dominique Johnson is a 2021 graduate of Wayne State University’s mortuary science program in Detroit, MI. He’s a second-generation director and no stranger to hard work and putting his best foot forward and he’s already working towards making a name for himself in this industry. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Adopting a quote by Winston Churchill, Dominique uses this to mold his take on his success. After graduating Magna Cum Laude. Dominique has become a newly licensed funeral director. However, this is not the only title he holds. He has obtained many certifications to expand his knowledge of funeral service such as CFSP, CCSP, and LAP. He is also member of National Funeral Directors Association, National Funeral Directors & Morticians Association, Michigan Funeral Directors Association and Michigan Select Funeral Directors and serves as advisor board member and chair of membership of the Heritage Funeral Changing of Guards: Welcoming the Next Generation of Funeral Service Dominique Johnson Group LLC. He also serves as a mentor for many current and past mortuary science students. Dominique is currently the manager of The House of Johnson Funeral Home which has three locations in Detroit, Southfield, and Jackson, MI. He takes pride in his exemplary embalming and restorative skills, and believes in giving every family the right of saying farewell. He will take on the most extreme cases to provide families with a sense of peace. His father Gerald Johnson, Jr founded The House of Johnson Funeral Home in the early 1980s and they have been making strides in the community since they commenced. Dominique can be reached at The House of Johnson Funeral Home, Dominique.Johnsonlfd@gmail.com, or via phone 313-839-6990 or 517-783-0100. Editor’s Note: Page A16 of the March 2023 FHCNews incorrectly identified Dominique Johnson in the press release titled Village Funeral Home & Cremation Service owner elected President of Michigan FDA. TALLAHASSEE,FL—Governor Ron DeSantis announced the appointment of Michael Barnett, Charles Cofer, Amira Fox, Robert “Bob” Johnson, Robin Sheppard, Dr. Joshua Stephany, and Dr. Barbara Wolf to the Medical Examiners Commission. Dr. Stephany is the District 9 Medical Examiner. He is a current Fellow of the National Association of Medical Examiners and previously served as the President of the Florida Association of Medical Examiners. Dr. Wolf is the District 5 Medical Examiner and District 24 Interim District Medical Examiner. She is a current Fellow of the National Association of Medical Examiners and is a current member of the American Society for Clinical Pathology. Robin Sheppard is the funeral director of HardageGiddens Funeral Homes. She is a former Policy Board Member and current member of the National Funeral Directors Association. 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