April 2018

Page B4 APRI L 2018 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS S ec t i on B the Bonsai Urn comes with a fitted lid. Customers also receive a match- ing ceramic drip saucer and a set of gardening tools to assist in planting. Why use a Bonsai Urn instead of a regular ceramic container? Lieber- stein’s patent-pending growing sys- tem, coupled with a loved one’s ash- es lovingly mixed with soil, provides the ideal growing environment for the Bonsai tree to thrive. The company’s Bonsai Tree Mas- ters provide customers with one of six different types of Bonsai trees: in- door options include the Ficus Retu- sa, also known as the “Banyan Fig”, the Willow Leaf Ficus Tree, Braided Money Tree, or the Hawaiian Um- brella Tree; outside options are a Tra- ditional Windswept or Tiered Juni- per Tree. Each tree is 6-13 years old and 8” – 14” tall. Are Bonsai trees difficult to grow? Lieberstein and his team of Bonsai masters all say no. “If you put your tree in a good spot with proper nat- ural light, pay attention and water only when needed, your Bonsai tree will thrive for years to come,” Lieber- stein assured. “The patented Bonsai Urn growing system – together with the nutrients from a loved one’s ashes – will work together to grow a beau- tiful living memorial.” Grief counselors and death educators applaud the Bonsai Urn. Gail Rubin, a certified Thanatologist, endorsed Bon- sai Urn in a September, 2017 online article, “Introducing The Bonsai Urn: Growing Life from Loving Memories, ” where she told readers “You can give the cremated remains of your loved ones a beautiful, portable resting place combined with an elegant potted plant with the Bonsai Urn.” Kim Stacey, a California funeral di- rector and certified grief counselor also considers a Bonsai Urn an enchant- ing alternative for anyone wishing to safe keep a loved one’s ashes at home. But more importantly, it’s therapeutic. “In truth, when you choose a Bonsai Urn, you’re making a long-term com- mitment to maintaining a living con- nection with your deceased loved one. That is a very potent, healing action. And each time attention is given to the care of the tree, emotional and spiritual healing takes place.” When asked why he’s such a believ- er in The Bonsai Urn, Lieberstein re- flected for a moment, then said “The passing of our loved ones is always challenging. As more and more peo- ple choose cremation for environmen- tal, societal and budgetary reasons, we need more options for the cremains of our family members. The Bonsai Urn gives families an important meaning- ful option to ease this transition and grow memories with natural beauty.” For more information, email Da- vid Lieberstein at info@bonsaiurn. com, call 415-895 6641 or visit www.bonsaiurn.com. Continued from Page B1 The Bonsai Urn Offers Families a New Way to Memorialize a Loved One Vandor Corporation Introduces One Source Prime ™ to Reduce Funeral Product Prices RICHMOND,IN— Van- dor Corporation has an- nounced a new offering that provides funeral pro- fessionals and their fami- lies with everyday low pric- ing on funeral products that makes rebate and dis- count gimmicks a thing of the past. One Source Prime™ offers funeral pro- fessionals an innovative, bulk purchasing program that significantly reduces overall product cost when purchased in half or full semi-trailer loads. “This program should prove especially attractive to groups like funeral sup- ply companies, co-op buy- ing groups, crematories, cre- mation societies and funeral home consolidators,” com- mented Gerald Davis, pres- ident. “Every single funeral home that has the storage capacity to warehouse a sup- ply of funeral products will find the low prices of our program appealing.” The growing list of fu- neral supplies that can be ordered through the One Source Prime program cur- rently includes traditional metal and wood caskets; cloth covered, veneer and cremation caskets; ceremo- nial rental caskets and in- serts; cremation urns and other crematory supplies. Over time, additional product categories will be added from other leading funeral supply companies. “At the present time, we can offer quality products from some of the most respected funeral supply companies manufacturing in the United States. Cus- tomers can place one order and have a single shipment delivering products from Astral, CJ Boots, South- ern Craft, Starmark Cre- mation Products and Vi- sion Caskets,” said Davis. “We expect more inde- pendent casket and funer- al product manufacturers to become part of the One Source Prime program in the coming months.” Customers simply place their orders with a One Source Prime product spe- cialist. The product spe- cialist will work with the funeral professional to help mix and match prod- ucts that meet their needs at the lowest possible price. The team is experienced at taking full advantage of the floor and cube space with- in a trailer to achieve max- imum savings while help- ing ensure products arrive safely and damage free. “One thing we continually hear from our customers is that they are looking for low casket prices to boost funeral home profit margins,” add- ed Davis. “And they want to get these low prices without the rebates, contracts and games the other casket and funeral companies require. One Source Prime is the an- swer to this request.” One Source Prime™ pro- vides funeral professionals with a truckload purchas- ing program that reduces overall product costs for customers who can buy in bulk. One Source Prime offers quality funeral prod- ucts, manufactured in the United States that are ready for shipment with- in two weeks directly from One Source Prime in Rich- mond, IN. For more in- formation, contact a One Source Prime customer service specialist at 833- 871-4677 or visit www. onesourceprime.us. Cubby Comfort Bear - New Sympathy Gift for Kids is Launched by Mother- Daughter Team from TheComfortCompany.net GENEVA,IL— The idea of children grieving struck a chord with Renee Wood, founder of The Comfort Company. That is why, together with her daughter Ellie Wood, Renee worked to bring the Cubby Comfort Bear to market as the perfect companion for children suffering a loss. Renee is no stranger to helping people experiencing grief. In 2000, the social worker struggled to find the right sympathy gift for her sister-in-law. Unable to find an acceptable gift, Re- nee made her own, creating a beautiful teardrop pendant to memorialize the loss. Realizing that there was a need for gen- Cubby Comfort Bear uine, non-traditional sympa- thy gifts, she soon founded The Comfort Company. Driven by the soft heart that drove her to obtain a Mas- ter’s Degree in Social Work from Florida State University in 1989, Wood realized there was also a lack of sympathy gifts for children. She sought out her daughter for help de- signing and marketing the perfect gift for children. As a result, the extraordinary mother daughter team created the Cubby Comfort Bear, a cuddly sympathy bear meant to help children experiencing any kind of loss or separation. “When creating Cubby, my goal was to offer a product which encouraged healthy grieving as kids learned to cope with loss. Cubby comes with his own special handkerchief because I want kids to understand their tears are important, and noth- ing to be ashamed of,” said Renee. “We also designed himwith a secret “cubby” that kids can fill with whatever is special and meaningful to them.This way, when they hold Cubby, they are also holding their memories close to their heart.” Renee also believes that no child should be forced to grieve without proper support and comfort. That is why for every Cubby Comfort Bear sold, another memorial bear will be do- nated to a child in need of comfort. The first round of Cubby Comfort Bears was donated to Mid America Transplant, an organization that hands the bears out to children whose lives have been impacted by a family member who has donated an organ upon passing away. Founded in 2000 by Renee Wood, The Comfort Compa- ny, Inc has become a leading provider of expressive sympa- thy gifts. Driven by her training as a social worker and soft heart for those who are grieving, Wood uses The Comfort Company as a platform for provide Gifts of Hope for Heal- ing Hearts. With a selection of meaningful, non-traditional gifts designed to acknowledge loss instead of minimizing it, the company simplifies the difficult process of expressing sym- pathy. To learn more about the Cubby Comfort Bear, visit www.thecomfortcompany.net/Cubby-Comfort-Bear.aspx.Forabroad- errangeofsympathygifts,visitwww.TheComfortCompany.net. 4hearse.com Chicago 800-4-HEARSE Twin Cities 844-219-9643 MUST SELL 2007 Federal Cadillac Renaissance Hearse 2018 MK Lincoln Legacy Hearse 2017 Platinum Cadillac Phoenix Hearse 2011 Federal Cadillac 64” 6-Door Limo 2008 Eureka Cadillac Brougham Hearse 2007 Eagle Cadillac Ultimate Hearse 2006 Federal Cadillac 46” 6-Door Limo 2006 Eureka Cadillac Brougham Hearse 1995 Miller Meteor Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse family owned and operated for over 20 years ! New - Used - Leasing - Financing