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Page A6 february 2024 www.vischerfuneralsupplies.com Cultured Marble Urns Custom Colors • Memorial Portraits • Vinyl-Wrapped • Laser Engraving U.S. PATENTS NO. 9.775.760 NO. 9.827.158 Patented Seamless Urn/Vault Combination and Encased Poly-liner box. Tested and approved for direct burials in the US and Canada. Distributors Welcome Call Today (800) 886-2725 See the Complete Collection or Request a Catalog DYNASTY URNS IS A DIVISION OF CUSTOM MARBLE DESIGN. INC. DynastyUrns.com For Those Who Demand the Best and Know the Difference WintersetWater.com 800-617-3676 Your Source For Custom Label Bottled Spring Water Engrave your name in people’s minds... for their time of need. YOUR FUNERAL HOME NAME/LOGO HERE I am always amazed when I see funeral sharks. You might ask, “What is a funeral shark?” A decade ago, I was asking that question, too. After being a funeral director, I no longer ask that question. Funeral sharks are obvious to me now. A funeral shark is someone who zeros in on a near-death spouseless person or someone who has recently lost their spouse. In both circumstances, the funeral shark is a ruthless person. Their goal is to swoop in and steal an estate. A funeral shark is a worthless person. They are without virtue, and they will strike without respect. Funeral sharks who zero in on a near-death spouseless person approach their target from numerous angles. The most popular is the person who offers to move into the dying person’s home and care for them. If the patient is Medicaid qualified, the funeral shark will register with the service provider as the caregiver. In so doing, they are able to receive an income while living with the patient. If the patient is not Medicaid qualified, the funeral shark may apply to the family as a caregiver or patient sitter so that they can receive an inFuneral Sharks By Tracy Renee Lee Tracy Renee Lee come as they seek their evil deed. In other cases, where the patient is not Medicaid qualified and does not have enough money to pay the funeral shark for care, the funeral shark might offer to live in the patient’s home and care for them without compensation. In each of these scenarios, the funeral shark remains a villain. Their goal is the same regardless of how they enter the patient’s home. Once the funeral shark has secured a place in the patient’s home, they begin to work their evil deed. They conspire to marry the patient prior to death. Marrying a patient who will soon expire transfers the patient’s estate into their possession upon death. If the patient does not have an estate, their goal is to slip in and qualify for the patient’s social security income. You may think that a will would protect the beneficiaries of the patient. Think again. In many states, this is not the case. The second type of funeral shark is the person who goes after the survivor shortly after the death of their spouse. Survivors are very vulnerable after losing their spouse, and this funeral shark preys upon their fears, weaknesses, loneliness, and confusion. This funeral shark has all the answers, swoops in, and takes charge. This is easy as the survivor is grieving and needs someone to take control. The funeral shark influences financial and legal issues, fulfills the duties of the deceased spouse, and tries to mask the survivor’s grief with newfound security. This funeral shark will also weasel their way into an intimate position with the goal of marriage prior to the survivor’s death. Send us your news! email info@NomisPublications.com FAx 1-800-321-9040 PO Box 5159, Youngstown, OH 44514 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY News Attention funeral industry By Welton Hong Email marketing has evolved into an indispensable tool for businesses across various industries, and this certainly includes funeral homes. However, Google is making some changes to its email marketing requirements in February. Although they currently only affect businesses that send emails in very large quantities, it’s useful to consider them in the context of your email marketing plan going forward. Google’s New Email Marketing Standards In an effort to combat spam and enhance email security, Google has set forth stricter rules for entities sending large volumes of emails to Gmail accounts. These changes, which take effect next month, will impact any sender who dispatches more than 5,000 emails daily to Gmail addresses. One of the most notable changes is the requirement for bulk email senders to authenticate their messages using protocols such as SPF, DKIM, or DMARC. This authentication process ensures that the emails are indeed sent by the claimed sender, establishing a foundation of trustworthiness. Additionally, Gmail now mandates that high-volume emailers provide recipients with an easy, one-click option to unsubscribe, with senders obliged to honor these requests within two business days. Lastly, bulk senders must adhere to a specific spam threshold set by Google to avoid having their emails flagged as spam. Now, I realize that very few funeral businesses (if any, honestly) send marketing emails to such a large quantity of recipients. Frankly, it’s hard to imagine many firms sending emails to a recipient body even a tenth of that size (500). However, Google’s known for limiting its changes to a certain portion of its advertisers and then broadening its scope later on. Even if you don’t send a lot of emails for branding or preplanning awareness, these restrictions might include your process down the line. For the record, I always strongly recommend staying clear of anything that could be considered spamming in email outreach, no matter how large your recipient list might be. Having a one-click unsubscribe option is beneficial as well. So I suggest keeping those in mind if you do send out marketing emails regularly. Here’s a reminder of three ways email marketing can benefit your firm: 1. Community Engagement: Email marketing helps funeral homes stay connected with their community. By sending newsletters, updates, and condolences, you can maintain relationships with past clients and foster a sense of community support. 2. Promotion of Services: Funeral homes can use email marketing to highlight services such as preplanning, provide information about different funeral options, and offer support resources. This can help families make informed decisions during challenging times. 3. Feedback and Surveys: Email surveys can help funeral homes gather valuable feedback from clients, allowing you New Google Requirements for Email Marketing Powerhouse Marketing with Welton to continuously improve services and better meet the needs of grieving families. Welton Hong is the founder of Ring Ring Marketing® and a leading expert in creating case generation from online to the phone line. He is the author of Making Your Phone Ring with Internet Marketing for Funeral Homes. For more information, visit www.FuneralHomeProfits.com. FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS www.NomisPublications.com Monthly Columnsonline at visit www.nomispublications.com or call 1-800-321-7479 “I Love My Funeral Director” “I Love My Cemeterian” Perfect Gift for any occasion! Order Your Favorite Animal Today! Continued on page A13