February 2024

Page A15 february 2024 Heartfelt FINGERPRINT KEEPSAKES Fingerprint keepsakes offer families a special way to keep their loved one close to the heart. Promo Code 9317 FastTouch™ Heartfelt Rimmed Pendant FINGERPRINT KEEPSAKES A MESSENGER FAMILY CO. Partner with us today! 877-848-6243 thumbies.com A MESSENGER FAMILY CO. PENDANTS | RINGS | BRACELETS | EARRINGS | CHAINS | ACCESSORIES Schedule a Free Demo 415.949.2428 | www.expressfuneralfunding.com FASTEST. EASIEST.® Since 2002. Life is easier with Charles A. Jones, founder of Jones Mortuary in East Palo Alto, relocated to the Bay Area in the 1950’s. After serving his country in the armed forces and furthering his education, he moved down the peninsula and established Jones Mortuary. In doing so, he fulfilled his childhood dream and for almost 50 years, Jones Mortuary has endeavored to provide quality service to the residents of East Palo Alto, its surrounding communities, and the greater Bay Area. Known for his empathetic knack for being calm in the emotional storm that follows the death of a loved one, he built a business that adeptly walks people through the details of saying final farewells to families and friends. On several occasions, Jones Mortuary has been recommended by members of the community to families who are in financial distress when the death of a loved one occurs. Jones, through his compassion and caring, helped them to arrange services that were dignified, yet affordable. Jones was always civicminded and embraced ways to make a positive impact on his community. Throughout his life, he worked to help local and surrounding communities by using his business success to give back. He volunteered his time to local organizations; provided financial support to various groups, was a mentor to many, and he advertised with almost every minority organization that contacted him. Jones was a man honored with God’s divine favor. By Elleanor Starks, cfsp Founder and Executive Director 100 Black Women of Funeral Service, Inc. Legends of Funeral Service Whether continuing their family’s legacy or taking a leap of faith into the profession, these Legends have become leaders through hard work and dedication to the Funeral Service Industry. As managers, owners, role models and mentors, each of these individuals have an inspired and have used their talents to help others. Legends encourage creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and teamwork. Charles A. Jones Jones Mortuary East Palo Alto, California Charles A. Jones Order Online at www.NomisPublications.com or call 1-800-321-7479 “I Love My Funeral Director” “I Love My Cemeterian” Now is the PERFECT TIME to order the PERFECT GIFTS Order Your Favorite Plush Animal with a Funeral Director or Cemeterian Shirt! Customization Available! Call for Details.