February 2024

Page A14 february 2024 1-888-792-9315 • mymortuarycooler.com Scan QR for our website Cots not included MODEL # TR3 Triple Cot Roll-In Mortuary Cooler AMC N W FAST SHIPPING AVAILABLE ON SELECT PRODUCTS Happy February! Happy Month of Love!! Sure, nowadays it’s become a consumerist, hallmark coated event peddling chocolates and jewelry. Let’s lean into it anyway. We can take the next 29 days to focus more on what we love. Fall in love...not just with another person, but with yourself, with the world around you, with the food you eat and the sights you see, and the job you do. I posed a question to my death care community, asking what they love. Maybe some of their answers will inspire you. I hope they re-light that fire that may be burning out in you. Cary said “I love my co-workers. Both the good and the bad that makes you appreciate the good even more.” Are you one of the lucky ones who love who you work with? There is something about the weight of this business that bonds us to the people we experience it with. The only people who truly understand what we go through in a day are the ones who work with us. I love my coworkers. We are different in every way possible and yet we are a team. We know each other’s quirks and support each other always. We can call each other out when we need it and lean on each other when things get hard. If it wasn’t an HR nightmare, they’d all be getting valentines from me this year. Grace said, “That feeling of **bleep** yeah, I made that happen!” She talked about success despite the “years long engrained stereotyping that has plagued our industry.” The cloud of stereotyping is hard to escape from. Maybe it’s the fact that you are not the Hollywood image of what a funeral director is. I certainly don’t love the misogyny or the hostility we face, but I love the motivation it gives. I love that feeling of success! Let this love, not spite, drive you this month. Revel in that feeling of accomplishment every time a service goes perfectly. It is an AWESOME feeling. Holy reminded me how emotionally rewarding it is to care choosing to focus on how important love is. It is important for our lives, our humanity, our career, and our community. Fall in love every day. Eat the fancy chocolates. Wear the pretty outfit. Tell someone how you feel. Use the expensive candles. Buy those plane tickets. Share your excitement. Allow yourself to feel all the happiness that you can. Our lives are fleeting, and time moves quickly. Don’t celebrate love just on February 14th or wait for a special moment to love yourself and those around you. Love endlessly. “You Can’t Pin Joy Like A Moth.” FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS www.NomisPublications.com Monthly Columnsonline at Marika McMeans is a first-generation Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer, born and raised in the Midwest. She began her career in the industry at the age of fifteen and was managing a firm by age twenty-two. In 2015, she relocated to Rochester, New York. She is a graduate of the New York State Funeral Directors Association Leadership Academy, a member of their Bridge Commission and a past member of several Task Forces and Committees. She is the current President and Continuing Education Coordinator of Rochester Genesee Valley Funeral Directors Association. Her goal, now and always, is to help support and guide the next generation of funeral directors. for those who are grieving. We offer them a safe space, support, and a plan. A few folks said things along the lines of, “knowing I made a difference,” “that I made planning easier and more beautiful than they thought possible,” and that they loved the friendships created with those we serve. Don’t forget the thank you cards, we all love those! Reminisce a bit this month. Think of all the hugs you’ve gotten. Read through the thank you notes that you’ve saved. Text the families that have kept you as their own. You earned a spot in their hearts and families forever. Now that is love. My personal favorite responses were the ones about having a love of teaching. C. Pat said, “I love when you leave an impression on a person and they take that step into the profession.” When the love of our profession is so deep that it draws in and inspires those around us, that’s everything. My answer? It’s hard to narrow down. I love that one of the responses was a student saying, “Excitedly telling you of my accomplishments that you’ve instilled in me.” I LOVE hearing how students that I have mentored have grown into successful, amazing professionals. I truly love teaching, mentoring and watching that light click on in the eyes of the next generation. That gives me hope for the future. Then there is the love that gives me hope for humanity. There is a moment when a widow(er) is sitting in your arrangement room for the first time, sunken into their chair with the weight of their loss, and then you ask how they met their person. Their eyes light up with the sweetness of memories so strong, they share them like they just happened yesterday. I have heard some of the most inspiring stories of perseverance, romance, adoration, bravery, and compassion. It is an honor to know these stories. It is an honor to be trusted with the love of others. It instills in me a hope that we’ll all be alright. The moments I share with families, and those interacting with colleagues, have taught me so much. This month I am By Marika McMeans Musings with Marika 2023 NFDA General Price List Study Shows Inflation Increasing Faster than the Cost of a Funeral remains to funeral home, embalming and other preparation of the body (e.g., casketing, cosmetology, dressing and grooming), a metal casket, use of facilities and staff for viewing and funeral ceremony, use of a hearse, use of a service car/van, and a basic memorial printed package (e.g., memorial cards, register book, etc.). The cost does not take into account interment in a cemetery, monument or grave marker costs, or cash-advance charges, such as for flowers or an obituary. NFDA calculates the national median cost of a funeral with cremation by totaling the cost of the following items: basic services fee, removal/ transfer of remains to funeral home, embalming and other preparation of the body, use of facilities and staff for viewing and a funeral ceremony, use of a service car/van, basic memorial printed package, cremation fee, alternative cremation container, and urn. The median cost does not include the price of interment in a cemetery, monument or grave marker costs or cash advance charges. Costs for goods and services vary by region. Many factors contribute to the final determination of how an individual funeral home prices its goods and services, including the firm’s business philosophy and the market in which it operates. A survey was mailed to 5,219 NFDAmember funeral homeowners on July 7, Continued from Page A12 Continued on page A16 Digital Directory Now Available www.NomisPublications.com Download instantly at www.NomisPublications.com Save on Shipping! Read the Funeral Home & Cemetery News Electronic Version Search the Online Directories The author, David John Cook, is a licensed funeral director and embalmer with over 30 years experience. “An educational experience for ALL!” ~ Take the Journey Today ~ “I could not put it down and I did not want it to end. Uplifting, inspirational, and deeply moving” - M. Russell Amazon • Bookbaby.com & MORE www.davidjohncookauthor.com