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Funeral Home in South Carolina

This is Jerry Hartley. I’m ready for retirement. 
My Funeral Home is for sale in Lancaster, South Carolina
½ hr from Charlotte, NC
1½ hrs from Spartanburg, SC
1½ hrs from Columbia, SC
1½ hrs from Sumter, SC
2 hrs from Greensboro, NC
2 hrs from Greenville, SC
2½ hrs from Asheville, NC
2½ hrs from Myrtle Beach, SC
2½ hrs from the mountains
Funeral Home offered at the low price of $2.5 million

This is my third funeral home, and it is only 6 years old. It is 10,500 sq.ft., with a 700 sq.ft. apartment and 7 acres of land. All furniture, fixtures equipment and vehicles included. See photos at SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE! Call 803-285-8000 or email