July 2022

Page B13 JULY 2022 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Se c t i on B A family owned business since 1963 Northeast Ground Specialists! Fenco Services, Inc. One call does it all! Call Toll Free for long distance quotes 1-877-810-9177 Dedicated to providing the highest quality Mortuary services,by licensed professionals, Before booking air transportation in the Northeast, call Fenco for ground and air pricing. We are TSA certified as Indirect Air Carriers. We can ship anywhere! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please allow extra time for booking and shipping. We are centrally located to all Pittsburgh Hospitals, medical facilities, C.O.R.E. and the Medical Examiner. at affordable prices. We can process your Death Certificates and all necessary Permits. P ENNS YLVAN I A A professional partnership to support Funeral Professionals 1 - 8 8 8 - 8 7 4 - 8 2 8 9 V Removals V Embalming V Transport V On-Site Crematory V Domestic Shipping www.minnichfuneral.com www.smeltzmtc.com Conveniently located to service Harrisburg, Allentown, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Philadelphia and surrounding areas Airports  Harrisburg (HIA)  Philadelphia (PHL)  Baltimore (BWI) Domestic Ship-Out starting at $99500 Includes: Removal, Embalming, Combo Tray and Transfer to Airport Cremation Services starting at $79500 Includes: Removal, Cremation, Temporary Container Ask about Direct Urn Sales also! for all your Shipping & Cremation needs Family Owned & Operated for 20 Years focusing on Service, Quality Products and Affordable Pricing 1-800-398-0447 www.CLContainers.com V I RG I N I A P ENNS YLVAN I A Co n t i n u e d DIRECTORY Shipping CONTINUED Commonwealth Funeral Service Mortuary & Transportation • Removal/Transport • Embalmi ng • Di rector Coverage • Cremat i on • Paperwork • Storage www.CommonwealthFuneralServ i ce.com 5404 Gl en Al d en Dr i v e, Ri chmond, VA 23231 Virginia's Care Center Only Serving the Funeral Home Community call 804-416-5054 when Integrity and Excellence matter The best and most affordable trade work in Virginia t o p l a c e yo u r a d h e r e call 1-800-321-7479 or visit www.Nomi sPubl i cat ions . com I n v i t a t i o n s • y a r d s i g n s • p o s t e r s • s t a m p e r s S e a t i ng C h a r t s • A cc e s s o r i e s • B u s i n e s s C a r d s F o r m s • l a b e l s • P r o m o t i o n a l I t e m s • T I C K E T S 8570 Foxwood Court Youngstown, Ohio 44514 800-321-7479 info@boardmanprinting.com www.boardmanprinting.com Now offering a Personalized Memorial Line c u s t o m g r e e t i n g c a r d s • f u n e r a l p r o g r a m s • m e m o r i a l i n v i t a t i o n s t - s h i r t s • m a g n e t s • p r ay e r c a r d s • C a n v a s P r i n t s • f u l l c o l o r b a n n e r s Membe rs of t he Fune r a l Indu s t r y Sa v e 1 0% Ev e r y Da y ! Ca l l today for you r FREE Samp l e K i t Order On l i ne at www.Nomi sPub l i cat i ons. com or ca l l 1-800-321-7479 “ I Lo ve My Fune ra l D i rector ” “ I Lo ve My Cemete r i an ” Now is the PERFECT T IME to order the PERFECT GI FTS Plush Animals with a Funeral Director or Cemeterian Shirt! Customization Available! Call for Details.