July 2022

Page B4 JULY 2022 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Se c t i on B 2013 Eagle Chrysler T&C Funeral Van 2022 MK Lincoln Legacy Hearse 2019 MK Lincoln Legacy Hearse Lease a New MK Lincoln Nautilus Hearse and get a FREE Funeral Caddy Memorial Carrier Buy a complete Funeral Van or Convert your own Vehicle 4hearse.com (800) 4-HEARSE 2022 Platinum Cadillac Phoenix Hearse Fore! Why Pat? New Pet Crematory Tracking Software Increases Transparency, Communication, and Liberates Employee Time During the Pet Cremation Dr. Christie Cornelius Dr. Deborah Rotman PORTLAND,OR— Having launched in February 2022, Beloved Pet Software, a proprietary cloud-based software and tracking system that is compatible with Mac, PC, iPhone and Android, is providing a sophisticated level of crematory tools for funeral home’s pet crematories, veterinary clinics and pet owners. Beloved Pet Software provides a secure chain of custody, real-time status updates that clinics and pet owners can also access, and gives pet owners peace of mind knowing that its their pet’s remains that are being returned to them. Beloved Pet Software equips the crematory with a customizable internal workflow, honoring those client special requests and processes that are unique to each crematory. “Our goal is to enhance the connection of the pet parent with their funeral home’s pet aftercare services, and by facilitating communication between the veterinary clinic, pet owner and crematory, Beloved Pet Software validates the professionalism and increases trust in all parties involved,” said Dr. Deborah Rotman, CEO and co-founder of Beloved Pet Software. “We believe that it actually helps the grief process when pet owners have great aftercare experiences, leading to a high regard for their funeral home partners in the future.” Most pet crematories utilize antiquated tracking methods like manual tracking, which are prone to human error including misinterpreted handwriting or improper dispatching and which does not allow pet owners access. Beloved Pet Software allows funeral homes to offer a much higher quality pet service to their customers as well as improve operational efficiency and accountability in the cremation and tracking process. By developing a seamless digital system, Beloved Pet Software is drastically improving reliability, transparency, and provides internal checks and balances throughout the process. Three portals in Beloved Pet Software’s system increase transparency to all involved. In addition to the funeral home pet crematory portal, a veterinary clinic portal can allow pets and client special requests to be entered directly into the system while also providing visibility into pet’s cremation status and delivery details. A pet owner portal allows pet parents the visibility into their pet’s status while also allowing their purchase of pet aftercare items directly from the funeral home. Pet owners may also post a pet memorial and access pet loss resources within their portal. “Crematories in our markets tell us that Beloved Pet Software is just what they needed to help increase their operational efficiencies while offering the transparency that is expected by their internet savvy pet parents,” said Dr. Christie Cornelius, CMO and co-founder of Beloved Pet Software. “Losing a pet is tough enough, Beloved Pet Software is valuable in helping clients know that their pet is in the hands of professionals that take the responsibility of pet death care seriously.” Veterinarians deal daily with the death of beloved pets. Concerned pet parents want answers about the safety and security of their pet’s body through the entire chain of custody and cremation process. Now, when clinics are asked the number one question from pet owners “how do I know this is my pet’s ashes,” Beloved Pet Software can give clinics and pet parents the peace of mind in answering that question. Beloved Pet Software is available internationally, and works with both flame based and aquamation facilities, as many funeral homes across the globe are experiencing similar needs when it comes to serving clients in the pet aftercare industry. To learn more about Beloved Pet Software, visit www.BelovedPetSoftware.com. UPD Urns Announces New Line of Handmade Wood Urns Rainer Urn in Dark Oak with Life Treasured Feature DALLAS,TX— UPD Urns is proud to announce a brand-new line of wood urns, made right in their own woodshop near Dallas, TX. A new addition to their ever-growing line of urns and keepsakes, this beautiful new lineup is made of natural woods, and each is handcrafted to give them a beautiful finish. The Rainier series is the flagship of the new designs and, while a standard shape in urns, is anything but ordinary with its routed edges and its ability to be adapted to UPD’s popular Life Treasured feature. A popular style for many is the “Virgin of Guadalupe” style with an intricate design of the inspiring icon in a variety of woods. Simpler shapes and designs round out the collection, each can be personalized, and each hand finished in UPD’s Texas wood shop. Logan Williams, the craftsman behind the series, gets his inspiration from the joy and peace his work brings to others. He says, “I gained my experience as a woodworker over the years as a hobbyist, being able to use my hobby to help those who had a love for something. From a sewing table for an amateur seamstress, shelves for a collector, or a bookcase for my mother who has too many cookbooks, I’m now able to use my skills to help people show their love for others.” Tyler Fraser, CEO of UPD Urns, adds, “We are delighted to make urns in the USA and want to grow this offering for our customers and country.” UPD Urns is based in Dallas, TX with warehouses in the greater Washington, DC and Salt Lake City areas. With a broad selection of urns, keepsakes, and jewelry, their flagship offering is the UPD Urn Store e-commerce platform that allows families to purchase cremation products directly from a funeral home’s website. Learn more at www.UPDUrns.com and request access to view their complete line of products. Send Us Your News! Email info@nomispublications.com PO Box 5159, Youngstown, OH 44514 • Fax 1-800-321-9040