July 2022

Page A35 JULY 2022 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Se c t i on A Funeral Directors Research,Inc. AMRA INSTRUMENT, LLC 623 N. Tower (P.O. Box 359) Centralia, WA 98531 “the shorter the supply line the better off you are” WEB DIRECT GIFT & PRICING TM ® www.amrainstruments.com www.preproomdirect.com The Fan Man, Inc. Fans Calendars Urns Register Books Dresses Advertising Specialties John Mannion “WhatEver You Need” 1-800-671-8280 Cell: 803-417-2940 Thefanman@comporium.net bankersadvertising.com/thefanman YOUR NEXT GREAT H I RE AWA I TS . A veteran’s commitment to serve doesn’t end when their service ends. Help them reignite their call of duty in a funeral service career honoring the values revered in every branch of our military. Respect. Dedication. Commitment to community. Visit JourneyToServe.com to download a FREE comprehensive toolkit designed to help you recruit and hire veterans into your business. Enlist the talents of a veteran to bring value to your business, comfort to your community, and purpose and possibility to your next great hire. A J O I N T P R O J E C T B E T W E E N BE A PART OF A VETERAN ’ S NEXT JOURNEY TO SERVE . JOURNEY TOSERVE . COM a Cavalcade of Hearses which included over 15 hearses from numerous funeral homes as well as a horse drawn Caisson from Ledford Funeral Home. The Cavalcade lined the Eastwick College campus along with a Louisiana Second Line Band and a funeral bagpiper providing music that can often be found at funerals. Tom Eastwick, president of Eastwick College kicked off the evening welcoming over 30 licensed funeral directors in attendance who represented over 25 Funeral Homes in the tristate area. Kyle then offered words of encouragement to both the funeral service students and instructors as they embark on a new partnership together. All of the funeral service instructors were in attendance and addressed the students as well including; Jennifer Smits Aiello, Jason Campagna, Madonna and Shawn’te Harvell. Finally, the program concluded with Carolyn M. Whigham of Whigham Funeral Home in Newark, NJ imparting words of wisdom to the students and charging them to take their education and this profession seriously and to apply themselves while taking advantage of all opportunities afforded to them as students of Eastwick College. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a brief repast along with some informal networking hosted by the Garden State Funeral Directors of New Jersey. While there were a diverse array of funeral directors from the tri-state area, we want to give special thanks to the following leaders: Eleanor Rudolph, Board Member – New Jersey State Board NEWS Educational Eastwick College Appoints New Program Director Kyle P. Ledford Sr HACKENSACK,NJ— Eastwick College announces the appointment of Kyle P. Ledford, Sr., MA, CFSP as program director for the Associate in Applied Science in Funeral Service degree program. Kyle P. Ledford Sr., MA, CFSP, owns and manages Ledford Funeral Home in Trenton, NJ, which he founded nearly 20 years ago. A New Jersey native, Kyle was born and raised in Linden. Kyle earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology fromHampton University, a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, Guidance & Counseling, and Human Resources from Montclair University, a diploma from the American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service and certification from Rutgers Center for Management Development. Additionally, Kyle is a Certified Funeral Service Practitioner - Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice. Although recently joining Eastwick College as an instructor, Kyle has often utilized his extensive knowledge in funeral service and corporate America to provide presentations, seminars, and workshops both in and out of the funeral industry. Kyle has also founded #mentorwithme, a funeral service mentoring program for licensed professionals, interns, students, and persons of interest. Kyle’s dedicated service within Funeral Service has afforded him opportunities to serve in varying leadership capacities within the following organizations: New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association, American Board of Funeral Service Education, International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards, National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association, Epsilon Nu Delta Mortuary Fraternity, and the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice. On Wednesday, April 27th Kyle hosted a Welcome Reception for students, faculty and staff to kick off our April term. The event started with of Mortuary Science; Frank R. Galante, First Vice President–NJFDA; Rose E. Hernandez, Delegate At Large–NJFDA; Kyle P. Ledford, Delegate At Large–NJFDA; Sam C. Arnold, President–Essex, Union, W. Hudson Funeral Directors Association; Wesley Lopez, President– Hudson Funeral Directors Association; Shawn’te Harvell, District 1 Governor–National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association; and Carolyn M. Whigham, Whigham Funeral Home–Keynote Speaker. CLOSEOUTPRICING! 1-800-321-7479 www.NomisPublications.com