December 2018

Page B10 DECEMBER 2018 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS S ec t i on B NecroMetics™, LLC Introduces Cosmetic Line SOUTH POINT,OH— Founded to bring mortuary cosmetology into the 21st centu- ry with products, techniques, and training that are not only vast improvements over the status quo, but also affordable and easy to use, NecroMetics™, LLC is changing the way funeral directors and embalm- ers approach mortuary cosme- tology. Company President, Taija L. Shutt, a fine art- ist in her own right, has spent the past several years working with mor- ticians and makeup art- ists to find the best ways to address problem cos- metic situations. “For the past 100 years or so, mortuary cosmetics have been based on the old princi- ples of theatrical cosmetolo- gy.” Shutt said. “This type of makeup, and the techniques involved, were never meant to be viewed “up close”, as is the situa- tion at a funeral viewing,” Shutt added. “NecroMetics™ has addressed these issues by bringing the latest and best high-defini- tion cosmetics to the mortuary profession. We chose only the best products available and when a product could not be found that was a good fit for mortuary work, we devel- oped it ourselves. “Take for instance our NecroDerm™ Pros- thetic Skin Compound and Prosthetic Skin Creation Boards™.” These prod- ucts can replace morticians wax completely and speed repair time to a fraction of what is normally required to sculpt wax. As a bonus, they look totally natu- ral and cannot be dam- aged the way wax can by touching, kissing, etc. N e c r o P A X ™ sealing foundation is a great product to com- pletely hide any discol- orations and correct skin slip. “When properly ap- plied our products will not rub off and create a perfect foundation for the applica- tion of our Skin Illustrator® air brush cosmetics and alcohol palette cosmetics,” added Shutt. For complete in- formation, visit or call 1-800-615-9753. See Ya Tomorrow Greetings Memorial Ornaments Return for the Season I know that you can hear me–there’s so much I want to say–it’s not the same without you– here on Christmas Day You have a special place–deep within my heart– It makes me very sad–that we had to part If I could call Heaven–I know just what I’d do– I’d dial those 7 digits–and ask God just for you Hand in hand–heart to heart–someday in Heaven–we will never part PEACH BOTTOM,PA— See Ya Tomor- row Greetings have announced the return of their memorial Christmas/everyday or- naments to complement their inventory of more than 140 memorial cards. The or- naments are beautifully engraved on either maple or cherry wood with four excerpts from their copyrighted poems. Each piece is cut, sanded, cleaned, coated with tung oil, engraved and then cleaned again before the ribbon is attached for hanging purposes. The ornaments are offered in four shapes: heart, circle, plaque and star. The ornaments are each approximately 3” wide and ¼” thick. They are a wonderful way to memo- rialize a loved one during the holiday season and throughout the year. These ornaments, available with a two week lead time, can be displayed in an of- fice or home as a memorial for a loved one. For more information, call 610-563-6499 or visit . the larger communities that Everdays pro- vides around each passing. “One year ago, we kicked off a broad in- ternal initiative to enhance our digital mar- keting capabilities. Today, we’re pleased to launch three ground-breaking digital pre- need products. These innovations will help our funeral home partners go beyond likes and clicks and start connecting and con- verting online,” said Precoa vice president of marketing, Tyler Hornibrook “With Everdays, we’re able to create or- ganic and meaningful connections be- tween our funeral home partners and the communities they serve. Our first priori- ty is to educate the community on how to support the bereaved by providing valuable content and by creating a platform for con- nection. Precoa’s purpose is to enrich life through meaningful connection and this integration enhances our ability to do so.” Having connected 1.5 million families, friends and communities since its launch 18 months ago, the Everdays platformhas quick- ly become the new standard for both con- sumers and end-of-life professionals when it comes to creating a social community around a passing. By tapping into Everdays’ uniquely broad reach and rich communication tools, coupled with Precoa’s ProActive Preneed®, Precoa has created a new digital paradigm that uses real-time conversation to build up a funeral home’s relationship with not just the informant, but the greater community Ever- days gathers around that family. Everdays’ CEO, Mark Alhermizi elabo- rated on what this means for the profession. “Everdays is announcing over 1,000 deaths across the United States and Canada per month. We’re helping funeral homes go far Precoa and Everdays blaze Digital Path for Expanding Preneed Marketing beyond the Informant PORTLAND,OR— As part of its promise to provide the high- est quality preneed experience for funeral homes and consum- ers in America, Precoa, the na- tional leader in preneed sales and marketing, has announced a new venture with Everdays, a digital platform that builds communities around milestone life events. By utilizing the pow- er of the Everdays technology, Precoa partners can now extend their preneed programs to reach With today’s online modern channels alongside the Everdays app, funeral homes now have the capability to build endur- ing relationships with the community sur- rounding each family. With 97 percent open rates and 85 percent click-through rates, Everdays clearly shows communities have embraced the new dialogue. “Building relationships using Precoa’s new Everdays integration starts from the moment the family walks into your funeral home and continues forever,” said Kevin Desmond, vice president of A.J. Desmond & Sons Fu- neral Homes in metro-Detroit. “And with a direct connection with each family’s broader community established, our preneed messag- ing is much more impactful.” Precoa (the Preneed Company of America) is a national leader in preneed sales and mar- keting, committed to enriching life through meaningful connection. Precoa partners with leading funeral homes, providing the best re- sources in preneed with its fully-integrated ProActive Preneed® system to help families across America begin healing following the loss of a loved one. Founded in 2004 by Bret Davis and Mark Hornibrook in Portland, Precoa employs more than 330 people, plus a network of more than 600 independent pre- need agents, nationwide. To learn more, visit Everdays is the largest and fastest grow- ing social platform building communi- ties around milestone life events. Everdays provides free memorial announcements and keeps users up-to-date about deaths in their life’s network, enabling them to share memories, events and condolences when loved ones need it most. To learn more, visit beyond the informant to reach larg- er audiences for marketing messages and to invoke their support networks for the family which—up until now—have been unattainable. But, none of this would be possible by software, alone; Precoa’s expertise in messaging and relationship building is at the core of this quantum leap.” New Memorials Direct Announces New Limited Edition Marble Urns GIG HARBOR,WA— New Memorials Direct is excit- ed to offer their new lim- ited edition marble urns. This short run series of urns is handcrafted from natu- ral marble with three stun- ning colors to choose from. The lids may be engraved with your choice of text en- graving and/or clip art for a small, additional fee. With a cubic capacity of 108 cu- bic inches, these urns lend themselves well for use as a pet or pe- tite/sharing urn. Limited quantities available, bulk discount eligible. For additional information about this product, call 1-877-995-8767 or visit