November 2021

Page B20 NOVEMBER 2021 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Se c t i on B MK Lincoln Nautilus “Legacy” Hearse 2022 Eagle Cadillac XT-5 “Kingsley”Hearse 2022 Families Needs Are Changing, FUNERAL LIMOUSINES ARE BACK!! Federal Lincoln MKT 44”6-Door Limousine DBL52009 2013 Superior Cadillac DTS 41”6-Door Limousine AU550228 2010 S&S Cadillac DTS 47”6-Door Limousine 8U550662 2008 Federal Lincoln Towncar 44” Limousine 8X658467 2008 Eureka Cadillac DTS 41”6-Door Limousine 6U550837 2006 Federal Cadillac DTS 41”6-Door Limousine 9U550031 2009 Federal Cadillac XT-5 Hearse AU550070 2010 Federal Cadillac DTS 46”6-Door Limousine BU550431 2011 S&S Cadillac DTS 47”6-Door Limousine AU550331 2010 Superior Cadillac DTS 47”6-Door Limousine 2022 We Also Have Late Model, Low Mileage Limousines In Stock. Scan the QR Code To See More.