September 2022

Page A26 September 2022 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Se c t i on A Visit our website to access dedicated resources to support children that are grieving and connect to local support.  Working to ensure no child grieves alone. 800-331-9093 For over thirty years Rick and Elizabeth Roberts have been supplying the funeral industry with superior quality handcrafted hardwood chapel furniture, still handcrafted by Rick & his craftsmen on a custom built to order basis. Large Baby Bier/Cremation Altar as the base of the Urn Carrier, offers multi-purpose functionality. Guaranteed 1 Unit in Stock on the 1st of Each month! Urn Carrier Provincial Large Baby Bier/Cremation Altar RD/129 Cherry Queen Anne Formal Altar pictured with optional lighted Urn Riser Queen Anne Collection Introducing the Formal Altar Pictured with Urn Carrier and Flag/Bible Holder Visit for Web Specials! the Vice President of his graduating class of 1971 at Kentucky School of Mortuary Science. While in the U.S. Navy, Bobbie wrote Mr. Clarence W. Lee of Lee’s Funeral Home in Montgomery, AL about his desires to become a mortician and serve his apprenticeship there. After moving back to Montgomery he would walk past the funeral home every day. “I’d walk past the funeral home, trying to get up the nerve to go in. One day, Mrs. Frizzette Duckett-Lee came out with a family. After they parted ways, I introduced myself and asked if Mr. Lee was there.” Bobbie then learned of the passing of Mr. C.W. Lee a short time before Mr. Brown was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy. However, Mr. C.W. Lee left a letter for Mrs. Lee, which stated, “If Mr. Brown came to Lee’s Funeral Home he would be a keeper”. Mr. Brown started his apprenticeship in 1968 and worked for Lee’s Funeral Home for ten years. At this point in his career, Bobbie was given the opportunity to relocate to Mobile, AL. He’d already spent ten years in Montgomery and was known by the community, so he struggled with the decision, but decided to move to Mobile and start over. Mr. Brown is a lifetime member of the Alabama Funeral Directors & Morticians Association and the National Funeral Directors & Morticians Association. He is also a member of the Alabama Funeral Directors Association and National Funeral Directors Association. He received B.E. Brown & Company Opens Facility Continued from Front Page Continued on page A27 the designation of Certified Funeral Service Professional Practitioner (CFSP) by the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practices. He served two-terms as the Chairman of the Board of the Alabama Board of Funeral Services, appointed by Governor Guy Hunt. Mr. Brown has won several industry awards: 1993 – Man of the Year, AFD&MA, 1997 – David Calloway Ross, Sr. Award, 2009 – Funeral Professional of the Year, AFD&MA., and 2019 Robert H. Miller Professional of the Year by the NFD&MA. Bobbie has five children - two boys and three girls. Referring to Jessica, he says, “My daughter and I have always been close. Her nickname is Shadow. Whether I was on the boat fishing or out hunting deer, she was there.” Bobbie didn’t think that any of his children would be interested in joining him in running his own funeral home, but Jessica told him, “I’ve always wanted to be a mortician,” surprising her father. “I’ve been around it my entire life due to my father being in the funeral industry,” says Jessica. “I watched him over the years and saw his dedication, professionalism, and the relationships he’s built.” In December 2020, Jessica graduated with honors and distinction from Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Services. The B.E. Brown & Company Mortuary is 16,000 square feet with a spacious entryway; four parlors Science. In 1969, he happened upon a former student of Kentucky School of Mortuary Science, who told him all good things about the college. “They would assist a student in finding employment while in school,” Bobbie says. So he transferred schools and moved to Louisville, KY, where he worked full time at a Jewish hospital and part-time at a funeral home while attending classes. He was on the Dean’s List and Order On l i ne at www.Nomi sPub l i cat i ons. com or ca l l 1-800-321-7479 “ I Lo ve My Fune ra l D i rector ” “ I Lo ve My Cemete r i an ” Now is the PERFECT T IME to order the PERFECT GI FTS Order Your Favorite Plush Animal with a Funeral Director or Cemeterian Shirt! Customization Available! Call for Details.