September 2021

NEWS SEPTEMBER 2021 Fam i l y Own e d a n d Operated Since 1974 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY PO B o x 5 1 5 9 Y o u n g s t own OH 4 4 5 1 4 1 - 8 0 0 - 3 2 1 - 7 4 7 9 On l i n e a t www . n om i s p u b l i c a t i o n s . c om P r e v i o u s l y P u b l i s h e d a s t h e Y B N e w s • S t i l l t h e P l a c e f o r Y o u r N e w s ! NASHVILLE, TN BOOTH #545 1-888-792-9315 • Snyder Brand Funeral Homes Celebrate 75th Anniversary by Breaking Ground for New Building By Laurie Esposito Harley Original Lancaster City Funeral Home Rendering of Snyder’s Future Willow Street Location LANCASTER,PA— Charles F. Snyder Funeral Homes has a long and storied history. Charles F. Sny- der, Sr., a pharmacist first class mate in the U.S. Navy during WWII, re- turned home from the South Pacif- ic to become a funeral director. He got his mortuary license in 1941. In 1947, he found the perfect prop- erty to begin his life’s work, but he didn’t have any money. He asked his parents to sell their home to use the money as a down payment on the property mortgage. He promised them a home for the rest of their lives if they helped him. He was 28 years old and single at the time. Charles opened the 414 E. King Street funeral home in downtown Lan- caster. He and his parents lived above the funeral home. “This was obvious- ly very brave of him,” says Charles “Chad” Snyder III, current President of Charles F. Snyder Funeral Homes. Charles faced another issue. He had no vehicles. His sister, however, had a station wagon and she lived in Lancaster. He used her station wag- on as his first hearse. When business picked up, he started renting hearses. In 1950, Charles married, but he never broke his promise to his par- Continued on Page A2 G arden of R emembrance M emorial P ark welcomes A das I srael C ongregation as its 28 th Partner Congregation See Page A4 G lobal R ecruiters of C incinnati becomes G lobal R ecruiters of B atesville after Ownership Change See Page A19 UAHT O nline A ssociate D egree in F uneral S ervices Receives Full Accreditation See Page A34 Classified Ads Shipping Directory Index of Advertisers