September 2020

Page B2 SEPTEMBER 2020 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS S ec t i on B CALENDAR of Events Many industry events have been cancelled or postponed. Please check with event sponsors for new dates. Last Updated 8/12/20 ADDITIONAL EVENTS ONLINE AT WWW.NOMISPUBLICATIONS.COM OR SEND TO: PO Box 5159, Youngstown, OH 44514 Fax 1-800-321-9040 • Emai l info@nomi spubl i cat ions . com online at Submit Your Convention, Meeting or Seminar Alabama Funeral Directors Association 134th Mid-Summer Meeting - Sep 04-07, 2020, Point Clear, AL. EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. 334-956-8000. dedmisten@ Virginia Funeral Directors Association 132nd Annual Convention - Sep 08-11, 2020. EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. 804-264-0505. National Funeral Directors Association Vir- tual Cremation Certification Program  - Sep 08, 2020 Hosted by The Virginia Funeral Directors Association, Marriott Oceanfront Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach, VA. 800-228-6332. Ontario Assn Of Cmtry & Fn Professionals 2019 Crematorium Operators Certification & Train- ing - Sep 09-10, 2020. EVENT HAS BEEN RE- PLACED WITH A VIRTUAL FORMAT. 905- 383-6528. National Funeral Directors Association Virtual Cremation Certification Program  - Sep 10, 2020, Hosted by FINE Mortuary College, Norwood, MA. 800-228-6332. New York State Association Of Cemeteries 92nd Annual Fall Conference  - Sep 12-16, 2020, The Hotel Hershey, Hershey, PA. 518-434-1134. www. Independent Funl Dirs Assn Of Texas Inc 87th Annual Convention & Expo - Sep 13-16, 2020, Hilton Garden Inn San Antonio-Live Oak Con- ference Center, San Antonio, TX. Exhibits. RE- SCHEDULED FROM May 11-13. 254-214- 5649. International Grief Institute Virtual On- line Training  - Sep 15 - Oct 20, 2020 Certified Aftercare Specialist Training 315-725-6132. www. Cremation Association Of North America Cre- matory Operations Certification Program  - Sep 16, 2020, National Funeral Home, Falls Church, VA. 312-245-1077. /events /EventDetails.aspx? id=1303545 info@ Int’l Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Assn Vir- tual Executive Leadership Summit - Sep 15-17, 2020, Paradise Valley, AZ. EVENT HAS BEEN PLACED WITH A VIRTUAL FORMAT. 703- 391-8400. National Funeral Directors Association 2020 Embalming and Restorative Art Semi- nar - Sep 17-18, 2020, Pittsburgh, PA. EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. 800-228-6332. Kates-Boylston Publications Technology Think Tank  - Sep 17, 2020 Technology Think Tank, Doubletree by Hilton North Charleston Center, Charleston, SC. (800) 500-4585, (732) 746-0201. think-tank/ Kates-Boylston Publications Annual Crema- tion Innovators Conference  - Sep 18, 2020, Doubletree by Hilton North Charleston Center, North Charleston, SC. Exhibits. 732-746-0201. www.katesboylston.comt National Funeral Directors Association 2020 Ryder Cup Bucket List Adventure - Sep 21-23, 2020, Brookfield and Sheboygan, WI. EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. 800-228-6332. Ontario Funeral Service Association 2020 AGM & Conference - Sep 21-23, 2020, Queen’s Land- ing, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON. POSTPONED. NEW DATE TBD. 905-637-3371. NewJerseyStateFuneralDirectorsAssn2020An- nual Convention - Sep 21-23, 2020, Atlantic City, NJ. Exhibits. EVENTHAS BEENCANCELLED. 732-974-9444. Utah Funeral Directors Association Annual Convention  - Sep 23-24, 2020, Fairfield Inn & Suites, Midvale, UT. Exhibits. 801-263-3286. Int’l Assn Of Pet Cemeteries/Crematories 49th Annual Conference - Sep 24-26, 2020 800- 952-5541. EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Catholic Cemetery Conference 71st Annual Con- vention & Expo - Sep 29 - Oct 01, 2020, New Or- leans, LA. EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. 708-202-1242. Selected Independent Funeral Homes 2020 Annual Meeting - Sep 30 - Oct 02, 2020, Montreal, QC. EVENT HAS BEEN REPLACED WITH A VIRTUAL FORMAT. 800-323-4219. National Funeral Directors Association Cre- mation Certification Program  - Oct 02, 2020, Hosted by Goodwin College - Funeral Service Program, East Hartford, CT. 800-228-6332. Ontario Assn Of Cmtry & Fn Professionals 2020 Annual Conference and Tradeshow - Oct 06-08, 2020. EVENT HAS BEEN REPLACED WITH A VIRTUAL FORMAT. 888-558-3335. National Funeral Directors Association Virtual Cremation Certification Program  - Oct 07-08, 2020, Hosted by Piedmont Technical College 800- 228-6332. CremationAssociationOfNorthAmericaCremato- ryOperations CertificationProgram - Oct 08, 2020, Holiday Inn Express, Albany, NY. 312-245-1077. aspx ?id=1309811 New York State Funeral Directors Assn 2020 An- nual Convention - Oct 11-14, 2020, Verona, NY. EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. 518-452- 8230. National Hospice & Palliative Care Org 2020 Virtual Interdisciplinary Conference - Oct 12- 14, 2020, Little Rock, AR. EVENT HAS BEEN REPLACED WITH A VIRTUAL FORMAT. 703- 837-1500. Green Burial Council 2020 Conference - Oct 12-23, 2020. EVENT HAS BEEN REPLACED WITH A VIRTUAL FORMAT. 888-966-3330. National Funeral Directors Association Virtual In- ternational Convention & Expo - Oct 18-21, 2020, NewOrleans, LA. Exhibits. EVENTHAS BEENRE- PLACEDWITH A VIRTUAL FORMAT. 262-789- 1880. 020 Florida Cemetery Cremation & Funl Assn 2020 Maintenance Expo  - Oct 21, 2020, Auburndale Memorial Park, Auburndale, FL. Exhibits. 800-226- 3332. Wisconsin Funeral Directors Association 139th Annual Convention - Oct 26-28, 2020, Wisconsin Dells at Chula, Wisconsin Dells, WI. Exhibits. RE- SCHEDULED FROM June 8-10, 2020. 608-256- 1757. 2020 Mid-Atlantic States Cemetery & Funeral Conference - Nov 03-04, 2020, Golden Nugget Resort & Casino, Atlantic City, NJ. Exhibits. (800) 604-3416. National Museum Of Funeral History 26th An- nual Charity Golf Classic - Nov 09, 2020. RE- SCHEDULED FROM Jun 01, 2020, Kingwood Country Club, Kingwood, TX. 281-876-3063. Casket & Funeral Supply Association 2020 Fall Conference & Trade Show  - Nov 09-10, 2020, J W Marriott, Indianapolis, IN. Exhibits. 847-295- 6630. Cremation Association Of North America Crema- tory Operations Certification Program  - Nov 10, 2020, National Museum of Funeral History, Houston, TX. 312-245-1077. Funeral Service Association Of Canada Profes- sional Women’s Conference Canada  - Nov 13- 15, 2020, Omni King Edward Hotel, Toronto, Ontario. 888-507-3722. Maine Funeral Directors Association Annual Con- vention -Nov21, 2020,HiltonGardenInn, Freeport, ME. 207-729-9100. Kates Boylston Publications Cremation Strat- egies Conference  - Dec 02, 2020, Renaissance Nashville Hotel, Nashville, TN. 732-746-0201. tparmalee@ Connecticut Funeral Directors Assn 2020 An- nual Convention  - Dec 03, 2020, Sheraton Hartford South, Rocky Hill, CT. 860-721-0234. Kates-Boylston Publications Annual Funeral Service Business Plan Conference  - Dec 03-04, 2020, Renaissance Nashville Hotel, Nashville, TN. Exhibits. 732-746-0201. conferences Center For Loss & Life Transition Training Semi- nars by Dr. Alan Wolfelt  - Jan 11-14, 2021 Parental Bereavement, Scottsdale Marriott Suites Old Town, Scottsdale,AZ.970-226-6050. Int’l Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Assn Dead Talks  - Jan 13-15, 2021, Bally’s Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV. 703-391-8400. South Carolina Funeral Directors Assn 34th Mid-Winter Conference & Expo  - Feb 01-03, 2021, Hilton Columbia Convention Center, Columbia, SC. Exhibits. (800) 445-3427, (843) 881-3634, Fax: (843) 881-3659. Center For Loss & Life Transition Training Seminars by Dr. Alan Wolfelt  - Feb 08-11, 2021 “Creating Meaningful Funeral Ceremonies” Four- Day Workshop, Scottsdale, AZ. 970-226-6050. Cremation Association Of North America 2021 Cremation Symposium  - Feb 10-12, 2021, The Linq, Las Vegas, NV. 312-245- 1077. info@ Vehicle partitions have always been an essential piece of the luxury trans- portation experience. But previously their purpose was to provide a privacy barrier to the chauffeured client. The partition has given the means to sup- ply the businessman with a quiet workspace, the griev- ing family space to mourn, the perfect environment to celebrate proms, weddings and parties in style. Now they find themselves look- ing at the vehicle partition a little differently. Infinite Innovations knows partitions. As a sup- plier of parts to the trans- portation industry, they started building custom partition assemblies back in the 1990s. Their partition assembly is made of a light- weight, strong, aluminum- welded construction that is powered by a gear-style reg- ulator with a high-torque motor for heavy lifting. The regulator is an exact repro- duction of the Ford Bron- co regulator that is strong enough to lift a heavy flat- screen monitor. Divider op- tions are offered in different widths along with the op- tion of using glass or solid divider as well as dual con- figurations that includes both in one partition. These partition assem- blies have endless options and can be altered to be whatever the end user imagines. One of their par- titions was even used in a James Bond film for lifting a bullet shield. These par- titions are not limited to just vehicles; they can also serve as a windowed parti- tion for anything, such as another they made special that was installed inside a helicopter for privacy for passengers on tours. Infinite Innovations have also developed a new style of vehicle partition, the “Sneeze-Guard”! This prod- uct is light-weight and sim- ple to install for a more temporary option. The clear shield provides a bar- rier between the driver and passenger that easily straps to the headrest of the vehi- cle’s front seat. This serves two purposes, one for addi- tional privacy and the sec- ond as an additional clear barrier to help prevent the spreading of Covid. The Sneeze Guard is made of 3/16” polycarbonate plas- tic, that’s 250 times stronger than glass, it’s both durable and almost indestructible unlike the Acrylic and Plexi- glas options that shear easily and put their clients at risk of injury. Infinite also prides their self in the fit of their version. They make them vehicle specific for a more accurate fit unlike the one- size fits all universal options that leave wide exposed gaps Vehicle Partitions Continued from Page B1 Continued on Page B4