August 2019

Page B7 AUGUST 2019 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS S ec t i on Bogati Urns Expands Wooden Urn Collection with Artisan Solid Oak Collection Homesteaders Life Company releases New eCheck Payment Option SARASOTA,FL— Given their warm, comforting, and classic feel, wooden urns have long been one of Bogati Urns’ most popular categories, prompting ongoing ex- pansion of the collection. To that end, the company is excited to announce a new line of solid oak urns with ar- tisan applique designs. Made exclusively for the Bogati Urn Company, the new urns are hand made by skilled craftsmen and feature per- fectly mitered edges, a beautiful luster finish, and rubber pads on the corners of the base. “Wood is a wonderful medium for urns because the natural variations of the different wood grains make each urn as unique as the person they’re selected for,” said An- drea Bogard LeBlanc, owner of Bogati Urns. “We’re ex- cited to be able to offer this new collection - the quality is probably the best we’ve ever offered!” Adding to the natural beauty of wooden urns, each urn in the new solid oak collection features a hand-cut, ar- tisan-designed applique. Several designs are currently available for pre-order, including select states, patriotic symbols, and faith-based imagery. Further, new designs can be considered on request, and custom designs can be created for funeral homes and crematories that would like a unique design for their business.  “The multi-step process in creating each urn’s applique is fascinating. They are hand cut and, like a puzzle, seam- lessly put together to create a beautiful work of art,” Bo- gard LeBlanc said. “With the additional duties from China, we needed to look toward other sources in order to continue to keep our wholesale prices very reasonable. This exclusive col- lection offers that and then some,” said Bogard Leblanc. Bogati Urns is headquartered in Sarasota, FL and is a proud member of several industry organizations, including the As- sociation of Independent Funeral Directors of Florida; Florida Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association; Cremation Associ- ation of North America; and Pet Loss Professionals Alliance. To learn more and see the current available designs, visit https:// New Memorials Direct offers New Personalized Display Signage GIG HARBOR, WA— New Memorials Di- rect now offers person- alized display signage to their funeral home part- ners. Each New Memori- als Direct jewelry display ordered features jewelry samples, white leather- ette forms, and acrylic base with acrylic framed signage. This signage has traditionally been brand- ed as New Memorials Direct. Now, all retailers can choose to have their own branding instead! Their talented in-house designer will add your business logo and direc- tory information seam- lessly into the existing New Memorials Direct sign layouts. With cus- tom branded signage, the customer will be better informed that they have to order through the fu- neral home directly as New Memorials Direct does not sell to the gen- eral public. To order your custom- ized display signage, call New Memorials Direct at 1-877-995-8767 or visit www.NewMemorialsDirect. com . WEST DES MOINES,IA— Homesteaders Life Com- pany has announced the release of a new electronic check (eCheck) payment option for policy owners. The new feature is available for premium payments on multi-pay policies and early pay-ups, adding to an already robust suite of payment options. “At Homesteaders, we are always looking for new ways to enhance the customer experience for poli- cy owners, funeral providers and agents,” said senior vice president of customer service Krista Frank. “eCheck is another way Homesteaders is making it easy and convenient to pay policy premiums. It’s a great option for policy owners who prefer not to use a credit card or mail in a physical check.” With Homesteaders’ new eCheck feature, users can electronically withdraw funds from a checking or sav- ings account to make policy payments, fee free. Fami- lies can access the new feature through the secure pol- icy owner portal on Homesteaders’ website. Homesteaders Life Company, a mutual company owned by its policy holders, is a national leader pro- viding products and services to promote and support the funding of advance funeral planning and end-of- life expenses. Additional information can be found at owner-resources. 9:41AM 100% Search 1-800-321-7479 • POBox 5159,Youngstown,Ohio 44514 • Fax:1-800-321-9040 www. nomi s pub l i c a t i on s . c om New website options designed to assist with Your Trade Work Simplified Navigation Advanced Search Options More Advertising Options Premium Listings Enhanced Listings Banner Ads Your Rea l Source . Anywhere. Anytime. Your clients expect new vehicles to be part of their memorializing time. Most of your Funeral Coaches have very low mileage, the only giveaway that they are an older model is the body style of the exterior. We at Wolf Limo understand this. With our exterior body conversion, we convert your 1994 to 2011 Cadillac Coach to the newest 2019 Cadillac body that looks like they came out of the showroom. We also install windows to your requests and convert every hearse to “Coupe De Fleur” Save 80% over a new vehicle After Before • • S ales : 800.921.1004 S upport : 314.484.3612 E mail : wslimo @ aol . com W ebsite : wolflimo . com Wolf Limo C O N V E R S I O N S Before After • • Call today for specials on our body conversions/updates Perception is everything Mode rn i z e Yo u r E x i s t i n g C o a c h Funeral Directors Research,Inc. AMRA INSTRUMENT, LLC 623 N. Tower (P.O. Box 359) Centralia, WA 98531 “the shorter the supply line the better off you are” WEB DIRECT GIFT & PRICING TM ®