July 2018

Page A44 JULY 2018 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS S ec t i on A AT TRIGARD, WE HEAR YOU LOUD & CLEAR. 18” H x 15” W Trilogy ® Low Profile Urn Vault TRIGARD’S NEW LOW PROFILE URN VAULT allows for easy interment above an existing vault or urn vault while staying well below the surface of the soil. Though short in size, this urn vault can accommodate most urns and does not fall short of providing the same protection and personalization you’ve come to know with Trigard. www.trigard.com Copyright © 2018 Greenwood Inc. Call 800.637.1992 to order and start partnering with us to provide easier options. and non-licensed students. It is three top level institu- tions who see the value in what we are trying to provide to strengthen our profession,” continued Wenzel. “I have asked Roger Girouard, CFSP from the Canadian College to assist me as an instructor. Roger is extremely well respected in the profession and it’s a true honor that Roger has agreed to assist me in providing teaching to funeral pro- fessionals. I have also asked Glyn Tallon of Tallon Mortu- ary Specialists in Ireland to assist as an instructor. There is no one in this profession that has more hands on reconstruction experience then Glyn. He is an incredible asset to the new school. Most recently we are extremely fortunate to have added Todd Van Beck as one of our instructors. Todd is an icon in the funeral industry. His knowledge in funeral his- tory is second to none; and the most captivating speaker.” It is an elite group of instructors! The new school will focus on advanced embalming practices from medical intervention to serious trauma restorations. Karl, Roger and Glyn all share the same pas- sion in advancing the skill set of the embalmer well be- yond what is taught to achieve a license. “Anything is possible if you have the passion to suc- ceed,” something Karl has communicated for years in his lectures. “One is limited only by their technical knowl- edge and experience to implement that knowledge in the prep room,” continued Karl. “It is truly an exciting time for the funeral profession in Canada and across North America. We are a first in Can- ada and now one of two in North America that offers this kind of education.” The Canadian School of Advanced Prep will provide class- es several times a year throughout Canada and the Unit- ed States. All classes taught by the school will be approved by the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice , of Introduction of Canadian School of Advanced PREP: Postmortem Reconstruction & Embalming Practices Karl Wenzel Glyn Tallon Roger Girouard Todd Van Beck COBOURG,ONTARIO— Canada finally has an ex- tended learning institute focusing on advancing em- balmer training. The Cana- dian School of Advanced PREP Postmortem Recon- struction & Embalming Practices is set to hold its first 2-day session September 4-5, 2018 in Ajax, Ontario. The school has been creat- ed by Karl Wenzel, CFSP, MBIE . Karl is a well-known Canadian embalmer who has specialized in difficult cases and postmortemrecon- struction for over a decade. For nearly five years Karl has traveled internationally for the Dodge Company as their Coordinator of Techni- cal Education and Training providing educational semi- nars and hands on training. Effective June 2018 Karl has launched the school to provide unique high qual- ity embalmer education to embalmers across Canada and the USA. “It’s a first for embalmers in Canada. The ability to continue embalmer educa- tion after one achieves their News Educational ContinueD Continued on Page A45 all agreed to assist us with provid- ing top level education for licensed embalmer license within a province. Canadian embalmers have never been offered hands on continual education fo- cusing on PostmortemReconstruction and difficult case sce- narios,” said Karl. With the Canadian School of Advanced PREP affiliating themselves with high-level post-secondary funeral colleges both in Canada, USA, and Ireland, this new school is starting off with a lot of great backing. “The Canadian College of Funeral Service located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Piedmont Technical College , locat- ed in Greenville South Carolina and Ireland’s College of Embalming through Tallon Mortuary Specialists have