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NEWS MAY 2023 Family Owned and Operated Since 1974 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY PO BOX 5159, YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO 44514 1-800-321-7479 WWW.NOMISPUBLICATIONS. COM Previously Published as the YB News • Still the Place for Your News! Bravo Family Mortuary Opens as San Diego’s Newest Funeral Home By Laurie Esposito-Harley Pre-Convention Highlights begin on page a21 Loews Kansas City Hotel & Kansas City Convention Center | Kansas City, Missouri | May 16–19 SAN DIEGO, CA— When Bravo Family Mortuary opened their doors last July they had the distinction of being the first full-service funeral home and mortuary to be opened in San Diego in almost 60 years. Owners Lena Bravo-Olsher and her husband Steve Olsher, who moved to California in 2014, have fulfilled their desire to own and operate their own funeral home. As a child, Lena grew up down the street from a funeral home. The family was kind to her and the neighborhood kids as well as the whole community. “I gained a lot of respect for family-owned businesses,” she says. “They took Steve and Lena Bravo-Olsher Banquet and Reception Room visit booth 317 Continued on page A2 Bluff City Mortuary Services Now Open to Serve Memphis Tri-State and Beyond See Page A4 Cold Hands Death Education and Learning Center Opens Doors to Morticians and the Public See Page A40 See Page A14 Nasinec Funeral Home and Crematory Opens New Location @Nomis.Publications Like Classified Ads Shipping Directory Index of Advertisers

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Obituaries... etc. Columns Aftercare by Linda Findlay...............................................................................A8 Embalming 101 by Wally Hooker....................................................................A16 HearseHub by Mike Jamar................................................................................B6 Memoires des choix des Jacque by Kate Frediani-Gorman..........................A34 Museum Corner...............................................................................................A36 Musings with Marika by Marika McMeans......................................................A18 Observations by Steven Palmer.....................................................................A12 Powerhouse Marketing With Welton by Welton Hong.....................................A6 Random Musings by Nancy Weil......................................................................A4 Presidential Funeral Trains by Todd Van Beck..............................................A28 Working With Widowers by Fred Colby..........................................................A20 Monthly Features Association News...........................................................................................A37 Educational News...........................................................................................A40 Death Notices..................................................................................................A42 Suppliers News.................................................................................................B1 Calendar of Events............................................................................................B2 Shipping Directory..........................................................................................B14 Classified Ads.................................................................................................B17 funeral home before they finally “found a beautiful, suitable location,” says Lena. They took an existing Mission Valley building, gutted it, and turned it into the stunning mortuary it is today. “It doesn’t look typical. It’s homey and doesn’t feel like a funeral home.” The 15,000+ square foot building has three floors. The main floor is where families have the opportunity to celebrate the life of their loved one. “Our goal was to combine timeless traditions with modern amenities,” says Steve. “Lena put so much thought and her years of experience into designing a space that beautifully captures the best of the old and the new.” The state-of-the-art facility has a large, comfortable lobby for people to gather and a chapel that seats over 200 people. There’s a separate banquet area which accommodates 80+ and includes a refrigerator, freezer, coffee maker, tables, chairs and an elegant fireplace. “Lena also had the forethought to design a dedicated washing room for ritual bathing and dressing for those with religious customs and traditions that require a separate space to take care of their loved one,” says Steve. The lower level offers indoor parking and a professionally-designed, large preparation room. The top floor is open and accommodates the administrative team. Bravo Family Mortuary Continued from Front Page Washing Room Bravo Family Mortuary Lobby care of our loved ones and all of us.” “I was maybe ten years old when I announced to my family that I wanted to be a funeral director,” says Lena. She is from Chicago and is a veteran of the funeral industry. She began work in the industry thirteen years ago, working at both independent and corporate funeral homes in Illinois and California. She’s a licensed funeral director and embalmer in both states. Lena says owning her own funeral home is a real honor. “I like doing a little bit of everything,” she says. “Finding out things about the loved ones helps to fully serve the family when you’re involved in both the front of the house and the back.” The couple looked for places to open their own “Lena gave meaningful consideration when designing the space to create a unique environment that is best for her, our staff, the families, and the community,” Steve adds. Education, compassion, and availability are all important parts of the Bravo Family Mortuary mission. “We want to keep families educated as far as what’s new and create awareness around the different options they may not have known existed,” says Lena. These options include waterbased cremation (Aquamation), green burials and ceremonies for cremations. Compassion is, of course, a top priority with the entire staff and Lena says that they make themselves available to families at any time they are needed - day or night, 365 days a year. A former Chicago public school teacher, Lena says her background in education plays a major role in her current position as a funeral director, embalmer and owner. They are planning community events where the public can come in to learn about the different services available so that they can make informed decisions. Bravo Family Mortuary is woman- and minority-owned, which is fairly rare in the industry. They differentiate themselves with a different level of service that is reflected in how their families feel durContinued on page A16

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Page A4 MAY 2023 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Section A By Nancy Weil I love my daughter’s dog, Lexi. My dog, Benny, loves her dog even more. They are best friends and love to play together. This is not a common occurrence as my daughter and her dog live in Georgia and I am in Florida. However, I recently had the pleasure of dog sitting for my “granddog” while she spent time with her best friend. It was fun. It was…well, to be honest, it was a lot of work. Our routine was upended as my hubby and I now had three dogs to walk instead of our usual two, Benny and Simone. Our bed was filled with fur and wrestling dogs and 4AM nudges to go out. Meals were spread across two rooms to keep all of the dogs apart and toys were placed up high to keep them from being destroyed. While I love her dog and my dog loves her dog and we truly did not mind taking care of her, the “bonus dog” equated to expending more effort and making many adjustments to her schedule. All of this led me to pondering what you are going through. I speak with many funeral directors in my role with OGR and many are short-staffed and busier than ever. They are stressed, tired and have no time for a “bonus dog” situation. We have all experienced these moments, whether you work at a funeral home, cemetery or on the supply side of funeral service. The unexpected family walking in the door, the phone call that requires immediate attention and pulls you away from your plans, or a staff member calling in sick leading to a quick rescheduling to ensure coverage for that day’s funerals and interments. Random Musings Serving as Member Resources Director at the International Order of the Golden Rule, Nancy Weil brings her years of experience working in the funeral industry to funeral directors across the globe. Her professional experience includes serving as Director of Grief Support and Community Outreach at Veterans Funeral Care in Clearwater, FL and at eleven cemeteries in Western New York. Nancy travels throughout the country offering presentations on how to reduce stress, combat compassion fatigue and offer support for those who are grieving through her company, The Laugh Academy. With certifications as a Grief Services Provider and Grief Management Specialist, Funeral Celebrant, Soul Injury Ambassador and Laughter Leader, Nancy is uniquely qualified to bring new perspectives into how to best meet the needs of the families you serve. For more information on how Nancy can help you and your company grow, visit her website: or email Nancy@ FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Monthly Columnsonline at tasks and fill other roles and, yes, find time to spend with your family, friends and yourself. So, what can you do? Practice flexibility, not as in yoga (although yoga is great), but as in flow with how the day plays out. Re-schedule anything on your personal list that may have been cancelled. Delayed not denied is the way to go. And, most of all, think long and hard before saying “yes” when your child calls and asks if you can watch their dog! Bonus Dog “Bonus dog” moments may also keep you from your personal plans as you stay later, come in early, come in on your day off and do whatever is needed to be done to take care of that family who is depending on your funeral home or cemetery. We love to throw around the term “self-care” and be reminded of the importance of this, but the truth is that sometimes it is set aside, whether intentionally or not. Each of you reading this article has dedicated yourself to helping people during a time that can never be expected or delayed. The death occurs without being on anyone’s Outlook calendar, the death certificates are readied when the county gets to them, the funeral is scheduled and should not be re-scheduled, except for weather delays. Between all of that, you endeavor to complete other Benny, Simone and Lexi (L to R) Ben Phillips, Dustin Lake, Cam Chatmon, Jason Johnston Bluff City Mortuary Services Now Open to Serve Memphis Tri-State and Beyond MEMPHIS,TN— In 1819 Memphis, TN was dubbed The Bluff City. Over 200 years later a group of local morticians now open their doors to serve as a mortuary service to Memphis Metro, the Mississippi Delta, and the needs of all funeral directors under that same name. Jason Johnston, a long time dual licensed professional and co-founder of the organization, is pleased to announce the advantages Bluff City Mortuary Services will be able to render. These include professional removal services with properly dressed and professionally spoken staff along with embalming services for the textbook and difficult case. In addition to sheltering of remains on-site, the firm will supply any needs for domestic and international receiving and or forwarding of remains. Other co-founders Brian Freeman and Bria Hammond approached the idea of a mortuary service in the area due to uncertainty of funeral directors being able to have a choice in the realm of a non-conglomerate operation. They always felt the area needed a stand-alone mortuary service that only does business with the funeral professional and not compete with them by selling services to the general public in a mortuary service environment. After considering some changing avenues in managing funeral homes and cemeteries in the area Johnston assisted in naming the mortuary service and in mere months became general manager. The team has two additional drivers and two additional licensed practitioners. The firm operates a fleet of four professionally fitted mortuary transfer vehicles for institution or residential removals along with vehicles to serve for overland cross country per loaded mile forwarding. Cremation services are provided in assistance with a locally family-owned crematory that operates two Matthews PowerPak II Units. Johnston says he hopes if any need arises in the Bluff City area that fellow funeral directors will call the firm for pricing or how they can be assisted by the operation at the time of need. Johnston is a long time Rotarian and a CFSP with the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice. Along with being an active Certified Crematory Operator he is a member in good standing with The British Institute of Embalmers North American Division coupled with his involvement in many associations within the industry. Bluff City Mortuary Services can be reached by visiting or calling 901-729-6660 DIGITAL DIRECTORY Available Download instantly at Save on Shipping!

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Page A6 MAY 2023 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Section A Your first portrait is FREE Custom Portraits from ANY photo By Welton Hong As more consumers turn to online resources to find local businesses, funeral homes must keep up with the times to remain competitive. This includes making sure they are listed on all relevant online directories, including Apple Maps. For years, Google has dominated the local search landscape, with its Google My Business platform being the go-to destination for businesses looking to manage their online listings. However, with the recent launch of Apple Business Connect (ABC), funeral home owners and marketers have a new reason to consider listing their businesses on Apple Maps. One of the biggest advantages of being listed on Apple Maps is the platform’s widespread integration into daily life. With an estimated user base of 75-100 million U.S. adults and being the default mapping application on over 136.8 million U.S. iPhones, Apple Maps is a tool that many consumers turn to when they need to find local businesses. Additionally, with Apple Maps being integrated into over 80 percent of automobiles sold in the United States through Car Play, funeral homes listed on the platform can reach customers even when they’re on the go. While Apple Maps might have had a shaky start when it first launched a decade ago, the platform has since undergone significant improvements. With features such as the “Explore” layer for navigating notable features of cities and neighborhoods and curated guides to places, Apple Maps is becoming a more comprehensive resource for consumers looking for local businesses. This presents a unique opportunity for funeral homes looking to stand out in a crowded market. Getting listed on Apple Maps is relatively straightforward, although it can be time-consuming. Businesses with fewer than 25 locations can search for their Place Cards and go through the verification wizard to claim each listing. Those with 25 or more locations will need to acquire a “D-U-N-S” number and follow the Enterprise Onboarding Guide to get started with multilocation Place Cards. The Data Universal Numbering System (D-U-N-S) number is a unique, nine-digit identification number assigned to businesses by Dun & Bradstreet, a commercial data and analytics company. The D-U-N-S number is used as a standard business identifier and is recognized globally. In the case of Apple Maps, businesses with 25 or more locations are required to acquire a D-U-N-S number before they can create and manage their listings on the platform through Apple Business Connect (ABC). This is because the D-U-N-S number is used to verify a business’s identity and prevent fraudulent activity. Obtaining a D-U-N-S number is a relatively simple process that involves registering for a Dun & Bradstreet account and providing basic information about the business, such as its name and address. Once the account is set up, businesses can apply for a D-U-N-S number, which is typically issued within a few business days. While the process of obtaining a D-U-N-S number may seem like an extra hurdle for businesses, it serves an important purpose in maintaining the integrity of Apple Maps listings. Apple Maps Is Ready to Compete with Google Powerhouse Marketing with Welton By requiring a D-U-N-S number, Apple ensures that only legitimate businesses with a verifiable presence can create and manage listings on the platform, which in turn helps consumers find accurate and trustworthy information about local businesses. While it may require some extra effort to obtain, the benefits of having a presence on a widely used and trusted platform such as Apple Maps are well worth it for businesses looking to reach new customers and grow their brand. Funeral homes should not overlook the importance of being listed on Apple Maps. With the platform’s widespread integration into daily life and its growing set of features and filters, it presents a unique opportunity for funeral homes to reach new customers. By embracing new technology and digital marketing strategies, funeral homes can stay ahead of the competition and continue to serve their communities for years to come. Welton Hong is the founder of Ring Ring Marketing® and a leading expert in creating case generation from online to the phone line. He is the author of Making Your Phone Ring with Internet Marketing for Funeral Homes. For more information, visit FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Monthly Columnsonline at Shown (L to R) are: Paul Marks from Community Health and Hospice and Katresha Taylor from Brighton Hospice, both 2022 Hospice Caregivers of the Yea; Bruce Buchanan, 4th Generation Owner/CEO of Flanner Buchanan Funeral Centers; and Sara Andler from Brighton Hospice, 2022 Hospice Volunteer of the Year Flanner Buchanan Funeral Centers Names Hospice Volunteer of the Year and Caregivers of the Year following comments about Andler, Marks and Taylor. They include: “I have had the honor to work with hundreds of volunteers in my almost 20 years of hospice but if I could pick one who deserves this award it would be Sara,” said Katresha Taylor, Brighton Hospice’s Volunteer Coordinator. “She is one of those people that inspires you to become a better leader and team player.” Charlie Ketchen, Chaplin of Heart to Heart Hospice said, “Paul consistently brings peace and comfort to the patients and families he serves as well as the people he works with by helping them to see that he loves, cares, and values them as an individual.” “Katresha is a powerhouse! She seamlessly does two different roles with precision and expertise,” said Justin Lamason, Director of Support Service at Brighton Hospice. “Her attitude is always upbeat and positive and her response to teamwork is always – YES!” According to Bruce W. Buchanan, fourth generation owner/CEO of Flanner Buchanan Funeral Centers, “The extraordinary care by Sara, Paul and Katresha is the reason we honor hospice volunteers and caregivers. We thank them for the important work they do and congratulate them on this honor.” Founded in 1881, Flanner Buchanan Funeral Centers is family-owned with 13 event facilities located throughout Indianapolis. They have been a national leader in cremation since 1904, a local pioneer in green funerals, and a specialist in ceremonial events such as weddings, family gatherings, and civic meetings. Flanner Buchanan Funeral Centers is celebrating its 142nd anniversary. INDIANAPOLIS,IN— Indianapolis-based Flanner Buchanan Funeral Centers is proud to announce Sara Andler of Brighton Hospice as its Flanner Buchanan 2022 Hospice Volunteer of the Year, and Paul Marks of Community Home Health & Hospice and Katresha Taylor of Brighton Hospice as the Flanner Buchanan 2022 Caregivers of the Year. The awards were presented by Maureen Lindley, Flanner Buchanan’s Vice President of Marketing at a recognition event on March 14 at Flanner Buchanan’s Prairie Waters Event Center. The goal of hospice care is to improve the quality of a patient’s last months by offering comfort, dignity and care wherever the patient resides. Brighton Hospice recognizes that the dying process is part of the normal process of living and focuses on enhancing the quality of remaining life. The mission of Community Home Health & Hospice is to bring peace of mind to patients and their families by providing compassionate, dignified, collaborative, and patient-focused home healthcare and hospice. Both serve Central Indiana. As part of the award nominating process, various persons submitted the Send Us Your News! We welcome news of the industry. FAx 1-800-321-9040 PO Box 5159, Youngstown, OH 44514 CALL 1-800-321-7479 Send us information on your School, Firm, or Association today! FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS

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Page A8 MAY 2023 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Section A By Linda Findlay Aftercare possible. I call that living life, after life. It is very hard for people to imagine a happy life after a loss. Once they realize that joy and grief can co-exist, something shifts. A bereaved mother was not so lucky. She shared the story of how she was scammed by a woman who claimed to also be a bereaved mom. As you would guess, she met this woman in an online support group for bereaved mothers. This person befriended her. They met regularly. She claims she did not see any red flags…until she did. Suddenly, the woman needed a place to stay. Things went downhill from there. The woman moved in and stole various items out of the home, including money! During this time, she had provided a reference for this woman to live in the same apartment complex. As the saga continued, the scammer ended up moving into another apartment nearby, but the apartment management company would not do anything about it! Can you imagine having your scammer as your neighbor? She eventually learned a lot of information about this woman from her daughter. She was not even a bereaved mother! This entire situation was so unbearable that she and her husband moved clear across the country to get away from her. The scammer got away with everything she did! Another widow talked to me about making a trip to Africa to meet her new love interest – a man who was perfect for her. I asked her if she was going on a group tour, with a tour guide, or something like that. She simply said no. She told me that she was going to land, have a place to stay and go from there. Hmm… Because I don’t step too far outside my boundaries, I gently asked her to share the plans she was making with her family or a close friend. She said the people closest to her would never understand. I told her that she needed to be smart and safe. Luckily, she discovered it was a scam. The conversations that followed included her remorse for being so vulnerable. She had many regrets. This situation added difficulty to her grief journey! On the upside, she did not lose anything, including her own life. Most people who discover the scam feel ashamed and embarrassed that they were taken for a ride. Already vulnerable and grieving, they just don’t have the bandwidth to make the best decisions for themselves. Even though being scammed can make one feel “stupid,” it is understandable how it can happen to someone who is grieving. We have all heard about scams. Even the smartest and sharpest among us can fall victim to a scam. I have personally known several close friends who you would think knew better but ended up in a scam situation. I honestly saw red flags when they shared information about their “new love interest.” It all sounded a bit off to me. Ended up both situations were exactly that, a scam! The bereaved are especially vulnerable to scams. There are people out there who know exactly how to speak to a grieving person and can manipulate them with the goal of getting money out of them. I wanted to write about bereavement scams because I regularly have conversations with family who tell me about a scam that they had discovered. It is sad to say, I have heard about more scams in the last three years than any other time during my 32+ years working with grieving families. It seems that most times it is a widow or bereaved parent who shares with me that they have been scammed. Recently, I talked to a woman who lost her husband. She joined a Facebook group for the loss of a spouse. Not long after she joined the group, a certain male member started to privately message her. She said that he said “all the right things” that made her feel better about herself and her grief. He spoke a language that she connected to and that was familiar to her because of her experience with grief. She told me how she talked to her son and showed him her text messages. It did not take her son long to literally google, “scamming dialog” and find the exact same messages as samples. She could not believe that she had been scammed. Luckily for her, she was brave enough to tell her son, who she trusted. In addition, she did not get to the point of giving any money to the scammer! The one thing that she said to me, that was different than some other conversations that I have had, was that having the conversations with this person made her feel better about herself and her grief for the first time since her loss. She could not explain it any better. I offered this thought: maybe this experience helped her to know that it is possible for her to “feel better.” Maybe she heard what she needed to hear for a bigger reason. She gave it some thought and agreed. It was what needed to happen to her so she could reinvest in life and pursue happiness. She said that it did make her feel it is completely Linda Findlay is the founder of Mourning Discoveries, Grief Support Services. She is a 29-year career Aftercare Coordinator, a published author, and an advocate for bereaved families. She is the founder and co-creator of The Grief Cruises and managing partner with The International Grief Institute. Linda can be reached at 315-725-6132 or Visit, or FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Monthly Columnsonline at Bereavement Scams One dear friend, who is a widow, carried on a long-distance relationship with a man via facetime. She insisted he was legitimate. She felt that she was in love. This went on for two years. My friend is a retired executive and small business owner who is well respected in both her personal and professional life. She has a great family and is probably one of the smartest, kindest people I know. She was so shocked at falling for a scammer. In her own words, she said, “I couldn’t believe I’d allowed a romance scam to happen to me! I had to grieve the loss of the money and the loss of the romance I thought was my future. I also needed to forgive myself for allowing it to happen and for not listening to my son, who tried to warn me. I am a retired IBM executive, well-traveled and founder of two nonprofits for resilience after loss (in memory of the three children and husband I’ve lost). I am neither stupid nor naïve. But I was targeted as a recent widow, and I was lonelier and more vulnerable than I realized at the time. I have forgiven myself. We are victims…we just fell in love.” According to the Grief Recovery Institute, there are 43 kinds of loss; death is only one of them. My friend has an advanced certification in their methodology, Grief Recovery Method, which is the only evidence-based method. She used it to help successfully grieve this and other losses. As caregivers for the bereaved, we should be aware of bereavement scams. It can happen to any family, in any city across the country, at any time. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau provides consumer education, data and research and an option to submit a complaint at TAMPA BAY,FL— Pinnacle Funeral Service is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Tony Kumming as president. With over 15 years of experience in the deathcare industry, Tony brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Pinnacle Funeral Service team. Before joining Pinnacle, Tony held leadership positions at several other funeral service companies where he played a crucial role in expanding and growing the business. Most recently, Tony was president of NewBridge Group, one of the nation’s leading funeral home succession planners. In his new role, Tony will be responsible for leading the strategic direction of Pinnacle Funeral Service, which includes acquiring family-owned funeral homes and providing operational support to ensure each location maintains the highest level of service and care. “I am thrilled to have joined the Pinnacle Funeral Service team,” Tony stated. “I have a deep passion for the funeral industry and look forward to working with the talented and professional teams at Pinnacle to continue to provide the highest level of service to families during their time of need.” Since taking the role of president, Kumming has met with leadership teams of Pinnacle’s funeral homes to pledge the company’s continued support for the businesses. Many of his location visits were viewed as a homecoming, as he had led Pinnacle’s acquisition of most of the locations over the past several years. Pinnacle has also already completed an acquisition during Tony’s first few months in his new role. “Serving families is and will always be Pinnacle’s top priority, and our role as a corporate team is to provide every level of support possible so our location teams can continue to provide the best service available in each of their markets,” Kumming said. He added that the firm is privately owned and intends to remain that way. Pinnacle is well-funded and has a strong record of acquiring and supporting family-owned funeral homes. With Tony at the helm, the company plans to increase its pace of acquisitions to grow and expand throughout the United States. “We are excited to have Tony on board as our new President,” said John Klein, who has been Pinnacle’s regional director of operations for the past eight years. “His leadership and industry experience will be invaluable as we continue to acquire and grow throughout the region.” Pinnacle Funeral Service is a funeral home acquisition and management firm that currently owns more than 25 funeral homes within the midwestern and southeast United States. The Pinnacle corporate team provides back-office accounting, recruiting, human resources, legal, and digital marketing support for its owned locations. The company is actively expanding through acquisitions. Funeral home owners interested in learning more about selling their business, contact Tony at or visit Pinnacle Funeral Service Appoints Tony Kumming as President Tony Kumming SEND US YOUR NEWS! 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Page A10 MAY 2023 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Section A SCIENCE HILL, KY – John Muster (L) of Muster Coaches and Quintin McGinnis (R) of Morris & Hislope Funeral Home, pictured as McGinnis took delivery of the funeral home’s new Chrysler Pacifica 1st Call Van. Morris & Hislope Funeral Home Muster Coaches 1-800-274-3619 Calhoun, KY AMRA INSTRUMENTS Researched, Developed and Patented by Funeral Directors Research,Inc. visit for links to our Supply Chain Partners ™ ® Funeral Supply Store 1-800-392-2936 • FREE COT COVER! Magnum Mortuary Cot $1,59500 1,000 lb. Capacity Dressing Table $99500 Elite Mortuary Cot $1,29500 Scale Included Scissor Lift $6,39500 Junkin Mortuary Cot 650 lb. Capacity $2,34300 FREE COT COVER & FREE SLIDER BOARD “This is a unique group of professionals,” said Creedy. “They were specifically selected because of their intentionality in their business approach. We have designed the 21st Century Initiative to be a results-oriented, short– term membership. Members are expected to double their investment in the initiative each year or drop out. The group is limited to no more than 15 funeral homes and we ask for a commitment of up to three years. Much like learning to ride a bicycle, we expect you to be able to function independently after that.” “In 50 years as a practicing funeral director I have never experienced a group so intelligent and open to new ideas,” added Jefferson. “I think the collaborative approach to problem-solving outperformed other organizations’ lecture/seminar styles. These folks are just exciting to work with. I am optimistic once again about our future.” Alan Creedy and Danny Jefferson founded Two Guys and a Question over two years ago to stimulate innovation in funeral service. Creedy and Jefferson are national leaders in funeral service and between them have more than 100 years of service in the funeral profession. Two Guys and a Question contains a library of previous podcasts, most under twelve minutes in length. Each program challenges funeral professionals to change their thinking and development. Subscriptions are free at Creedy and Jefferson Hold Successful 21st Century Initiative Event Alan Creedy and Danny Jefferson GREENSBORO,NC— Have you ever sat up awake at night and pondered the answers to these or similar questions: • Should I charge extra for weekend work? • What is geofencing and how can it increase my business? • How can I merchandise my service charge? • What skill sets must a 21st Century staff have? • How many families should one licensee serve annually? Unanimously acclaimed as a huge success by the inaugural group of members, the 21st Century Initiative answered these questions and more. But it did it in an unusual way. Sometimes considered a “Study Group on Steroids”, the initiative tackled practical issues with a collaborative approach. Members returned home with answers and plans they can implement with little or no cost. More importantly, they have exclusive tools and systems to quickly adapt to their needs. Hosted by Alan Creedy and Danny Jefferson, the founders of the podcast, Two Guys and a Question, this inaugural event took place at the exclusive Grandover Resort in Greensboro, NC, March 26–28, 2023. Honorees were selected by invitation because they were considered doers instead of talkers and potential future leaders for the profession. SEND US YOUR NEWS! PO Box 5159 Youngstown, Oh 44514 1-800-321-7479

Page A11 MAY 2023 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Section A What is is a financial assistance service. What this means is that a funeral home sets up the decedent’s entry on and the community is thereby able to donate to the funeral home in order to help cover the cost of the funeral. No Fees 100% of the donations go to the funeral home. Because profit is not what this is about. Why do we offer this service? Because we are tragically aware of the heartbreak and financial burden faced when losing a loved one. Because we are in a unique position to help. Because we are all just people. 800-240-1016 Learn more at or contact us at visit booth 1331

Page A12 MAY 2023 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Section A Within a few minutes all the men were brought up to the main deck and received the best medical attention from the ship’s doctor, but non regained consciousness. Lt. Fonda passed away at 4:12pm, his official cause of death was accidental asphyxiation due to oxygen deficiency. He was initially buried at the Island Command Cemetery, Okinawa at 11:00 a.m. November 12, 1945. His service was attended by 25 of his shipmates and friends. Lt. Fonda was later reburied in Arlington National Cemetery. The government posthumously awarded him the Navy and Marine Corps Medal. The daughters of Al Sitarski said that their father never really spoke about Fred Fonda. After reading these letters, they surmised that the pain of the loss of his close friend was one he never wished to discuss. The final letter Al received from Fred was upbeat and full of humor. He told of a baseball game between the crew and the officers. “Our defense was tight, the crew also a little tight. The spectators passed out about the 6th inning when the beer ran ou t!” He ended the letter with: “The folks talked about your visit. It may not be long before I get there myself. I hope that you can be home at Christmas time. Anyway Al, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.” Alfred W. Sitarski of New Jersey died Saturday, July 14, 2012, and was buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Chester, New Jersey. He had stayed in the Naval Reserve until 1955. He went on to a distinguished career with Exxon Corporation. His wife of 65 years, Clara, died in 2012. The legacy of Lieutenant Fred Fonda can be summed up with a line the writer G. K. Chesterton penned, “Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of readiness to die.” We are forever in the debt of all of those who have served; especially those who never returned. “I think in their heart of hearts, they pictured the war will eventually be over, we’ll both be married, settle down and have some children, our wives will be friends, and we’ll have BBQs. But it never happened.” —Susan Strum, Al Sitarski’s daughter Observations “We do not know the compromise these men made, one pledge they gave, one word they spoke; but we do know they summed up and perfected, by one supreme act, the highest virtues of men and citizens. For love of country, they accepted death, and thus resolved as doubts, and made.” —James A. Garfield All Memorial Day remembrances are not of battles of guts and glory, but of people who survive friendship and loss. The two daughters were cleaning out their parents’ house after their mother died. In the attic they found an envelope with their father’s writing upon it. The envelope read, “A Very Sad Story About WWII”. Overwhelmed with their total task, the daughters, Susan Strum and Cindy Sommer, put the envelope aside. Cindy gave them to Susan to read. After attending her town’s Memorial Day observances, she opened the envelope. The envelope contained letters from their father’s best friend, comrades in service. Cindy and Susan’s father, Al Sitarski, and his high school classmate, Fred Fonda, continued their friendship through letters about mutual, but separate, war service, successes, and fears, loves and frustrations, but with a mutual support to carry them through the war. “The letters in this envelope were a collection, in chronological order, of all the letters Fred wrote to my dad,” Susan Strum told FOX news. “These two men had such a bond.” Al Sitarski and Fred Fonda attended Linden (New Jersey) High School. They both joined the Navy in 1942 after attending Newark College of Engineering. After mutual study via the Navy at Cornell University, their Naval careers took them to separate locations. Sitarski was assigned to Solomons, Maryland, an important site for training amphibious invasion forces. The graduates of this training went on to assist in many major battles. He was assigned to YMS104, Class Auxiliary Motor Minesweeper. Frederick Anthony Fonda was born on January 12, 1921, in Fiume, Italy. He came to America and was naturalized as an American citizen in 1931. Fred was on the Varsity Football Team at Linden High. He served many other roles while a student. In 1942, Fonda was commissioned an Ensign in the Naval Reserves. He graduated in the top third of his class with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Newark College in 1943. By Steven Palmer Fonda was transferred to the USS Goldsborough in July 1943. He went on to be promoted to Lieutenant (J.G.) in April 1944. He saw action in the Azores. On May 8, 1945, LT. J.G. Fonda was transferred to the Destroyer U.S.S. Greene for service in the Asiatic-Pacific. The USS Greene served as an anti-submarine escort in the Okinawa, Saipan, and Philippines areas. They evacuated prisoners of war from Nagasaki after the second Atomic Bomb. On October 9, 1945, the typhoon Louise took the USS Greene as a victim. She was driven aground in Kutaka with the high winds, reaching 100 knots. Many other Navy and other ships were casualties of the typhoon. It was determined that the cost of repair to the USS Greene was not worth it. Lieutenant Fonda was the lead damage control officer in the removal of ammo from the ship’s aft handling room. The group he headed were working when a strange gas filled the area. Those working in the magazine were overcome with the fumes. At 4:12 PM, Fonda tried to rescue the four workers affected. He died with them. The other sailors who lost their lives were Gunner’s Mate Clyde D. Sly, Gunner’s Mate Samuel H. Scheimer, Sonarman James M. Carbaugh, and Seaman Howard G. Vaverka. A Memorial Day Remembrance Steven Palmer entered funeral service in 1971. He is an honors graduate of the New England Institute of Applied Arts & Sciences. He has been licensed on both coasts, he owned the Westcott Funeral Homes of Cottonwood and Camp Verde, AZ, where he remains active in operations. Steve offers his observations on current funeral service issues. He may be reached by mail at PO Box 352, Cottonwood, AZ 86326, by phone at (928)634-9566, by fax at (928)634-5156, by e-mail at or through his website at or on Facebook. FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Monthly Columnsonline at Reproduced at the National Archives, Prepared 30 April 1946: “The President of the United States takes pride in presenting the NAVY AND MARINE CORPS MEDAL to LIEUTENANT FREDERICK ANTHONY FONDA UNITED STATES NAVAL RESERVE for service as set forth in the following CITATION: “For heroic conduct while serving on the U.S.S. GREENE, November 9, 1945. In charge of a working party removing ammunition from the after-handling room during the decommissioning of the U.S.S. GREENE subsequent to her grounding in Buckner Bay, Okinawa, Lieutenant Fonda courageously entered a gas-filled compartment and, despite the danger from deadly fumes, undertook the rescue of three of his men overcome by gas, and persisted in his voluntary task until he himself was stricken. Lieutenant Fonda’s outstanding loyalty to his men and his devotion to duty were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for others.” For the President, James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy Made in the USA in the USA Proudly made in our own local workshops Check out our blog: • 1-800-267-5486 Multimedia ADA Lecterns PAs CUSTOMIZE any Lectern with your Company Logo At AmpliVox, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality Lecterns and Portable PA Systems, manufactured in the USA, for your funeral home and gravesite services izing death care through a unique blend of longstanding traditions of caring for the deceased and a fresh perspective that death is a natural and beautiful part of the human experience that should be planned and celebrated. Lilly H. Donohue, CEO of Everstory Partners, said, “This rebranding effort is more than just a name change. It reflects our values and our vision for the future. Part of modernizing this business means working to destigmatize death care from both an employee and customer perspective. We intend to invest in our people and our product, utilizing best-in-class systems and processes from other service-focused companies outside of the death care industry. Our team has worked hard to develop a brand that better represents our new mission and our commitment to excellence.” Donohue added, “As we move forward with the Everstory name, it is with a renewed commitment to providing compassionate care and support for families during some of life’s most difficult moments and helping families find a positive way forward. We understand the importance of honoring loved ones and we are dedicated to providing meaningful and personalized services to each and every individual and family we serve.” Everstory Partners, headquartered in Bensalem, PA is a leading owner and operator of cemeteries, funeral homes, and cremation locations in the United States and Puerto Rico. Since 1999, the company has grown to include 389 locations in 24 states and Puerto Rico. For additional information about Everstory Partners, visit StoneMor Inc. Changes Name to Everstory Partners BENSALEM,PA— StoneMor Inc., a leading owner and operator of 389 cemeteries, funeral homes, and cremation locations in the United States and Puerto Rico, has announced a corporate name change to Everstory Partners, effective immediately. Everstory’s network of cemeteries, funeral homes, and cremation locations will continue to operate under their local community names. The change to Everstory is an exciting time for the company as we continue to grow and expand our services in the death care industry. Everstory is committed to modernSEND US YOUR NEWS! PO Box 5159 Youngstown, Oh 44514 1-800-321-7479