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Our primary goal when we wrote The Not Just A Widow Guidebook was to tell widows that what they were feeling and experiencing was normal and common. Is it normal and common for a new widow to feel melancholy in the Spring when Nature is blooming? Absolutely. Those bright blooms might remind her of her visits to a park or garden with her husband. Or the joy she felt when they worked in the yard together. Or the walks they took as young lovers, hand-in-hand. She grieves for the intimacy she lost and that we all, as humans, depend on. From the beginning, when we discussed who was in the best position to get this tool into the hands of widows as early as possible, we knew we had to work with funeral homes. Widows are not searching for answers in those early days after their husbands die. They are grieving and thoroughly overwhelmed by the enormity of the changes they face. Funeral homes and their staff are in a unique position to be of service to widows. Here are some ways you benefit by simply giving widows our book. 1. Building Trust and Credibility: Funeral directors can establish themselves as more than service providers by offering a carefully curated book for widows. This gesture demonstrates a commitment to supporting individuals during one of the most challenging times in their lives. Building trust and credibility in this manner can set your funeral home apart from competitors. 2. Personalized and Compassionate Brand Image: A book tailored for widows reflects a commitment to personalized care. Funeral directors can convey a By Patty Desiderio Not Just A Widow Patty Desiderio is co-founder of Not Just a Widow LLC. She co-authored The Not Just a Widow Guidebook with Doug Robinson, who has provided over 25 years of guidance and counsel on personal financial planning to widowed clients. Patty is motivated by her own experience as a widow. After her husband Basil died in 2011, she had to navigate the unique hurdles of widowhood. She often wondered why there weren’t more resources for widows and why everyone was so reluctant to talk about something that affects millions of women. She knew she could help her fellow widows. The Not Just A Widow Guidebook, available on Amazon.com, is a guide for widows and the people who love them. BULK SALE DISCOUNT — 10 books for $200! The Not Just A Widow Guidebook makes a great giveaway for your aftercare or outreach program! Contact Patty directly at patty.desiderio@notjustawidow.com. If you’re looking to provide a local educational workshop and generate significant social media buzz, you need the Widow’s Identity Transformation Workshop. It’s an honest look at how a widow’s world is up-ended and tips she and others can use to cope. Both NotJustAWidow.com and Facebook page Not Just a Widow LLC, are excellent resources for widows looking for guidance. compassionate brand image by providing essential services and recognizing and addressing widows’ unique needs. This approach resonates with potential clients seeking a funeral home that prioritizes empathy. 3. Educational Resource for Widows: A book designed to guide widows through the grieving process, legal matters, and financial adjustments serves as an invaluable educational resource. By including such a resource in your marketing program, funeral directors position themselves as partners in the journey, offering more than just traditional funeral services. 4. Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Satisfied clients are more likely to share positive experiences. Providing a book for widows not only aids the grieving process but also becomes a talking point within the community. Wordof-mouth marketing is a powerful tool in the funeral industry, and a thoughtful gesture like this can lead to recommendations and increased trust in your services. 5. Community Engagement: Funeral homes are integral parts of their communities. Funeral directors demonstrate a commitment to community well-being by offering a book for widows. This engagement can lead to positive publicity, local partnerships, and increased visibility, all of which contribute to a robust marketing program. 6. Digital Marketing Opportunities: In the digital age, funeral directors can leverage online platforms to promote services and the additional support provided through the widow-focused book. Social media, blogs, and email campaigns can be utilized to share excerpts, testimonials, and information about the book, enhancing your online presence and reaching a broader audience. 2024 CANA Symposium: It’s a Wrap! WHEELING,IL— What’s the perfect cure for the winter blues? The Cremation Association of North America’s (CANA) annual February in-person event in Las Vegas, of course! CANA welcomed more than 130 cremation innovators and thought leaders as the association returned to the LINQ Hotel in Las Vegas for the 2024 Cremation Symposium. 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