March 2023

Page B21 march 2023 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Se c t i on B Scan this code with your smartphone’s camera to visit our Youtube channel for new vehicle video tours: 2015 Eagle Echelon Hearse 25,018 miles 2011 Platinum Cadillac Limo 2022 Chrysler Pacifica 2023 Eagle Limo 19,241 miles 2013 Eagle Lincoln Limo (2 in stock) 10k miles 2015 Lehmann Peterson Limo 61,011 miles 2016 S&S Cadillac Hearse 65k miles 2011 Eagle Limo 10,359 miles 2017 Eagle Limo 24,089 miles 2014 K2 Chevy Traverse 1,061 miles 2022 MK Lincoln Hearse (2 in stock) 28k miles 2017 1-800-334-2697 MYHEARSE.COM V I EW OUR COMPLETE I NVENTORY AT MYHEARSE . COM 6 DOOR LIMO PHOENIX PHOENIX R PHOENIX C MASTERCOACH MK LEGACY MK GRAND LEGACY MK COMBINATION MK GRAND LEGACY LIMITED MA S T E R DE A L E R PLATINUM & MK COACH Superior Cadillac Limo 22,282 miles 2008