March 2023

Page B20 march 2023 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Se c t i on B ADS Classified Replacement Funeral Vehicle Parts Call our team of experts today to locate your model-specific moldings, trim, glass, and A/C parts for your funeral fleet. Our 54,000 sq. ft. warehouse stocks thousands of replacement hearse and limousine parts for models from1980’s to current. Our knowledgeable team is ready to help you find your parts, order now by calling 1-800-362-6224 or visit 7JFM Casket Rollers & Bier Pins We offer a complete line of casket rol lers and bier pin parts & accessories. Our rollers are made with heavy-duty chrome plating to withstand heavy usage. The rubber roller inserts are made to last and not peel. The material used is a mixture of different rubbers tested to ensure that rollers hold up and do not separate. Our assortment of high-quality adjustable and stationary bier pins come in both round and hex-style as well as compatible bier pin plates and accessories. 1-800-362-6224 or 7JFM New Line of Flags, Staffs & Brackets 12” Flagstaff design features a flag securing thumbscrew and easily unscrews from your mounts for quick removal. Eliminates issues of flag loss, retainer clips that pop off, and wobbly staffs. Quick-release brackets allow you to remove the entire bracket and staff by simply pulling two pins. Double-sidedhigh-quality flags feature double-stitching, heavyduty material in vibrant colors, and a brass eyelet for anchoring to the staff. 1-800-362-6224or 7JFM WOLF LIMO, the leading designer of custom funeral coaches and limousines, can convert your 1993 to 2011 Cadillac coach/ limousine into the latest models. Now upgrading SUVs into funeral coaches. Also updating sprinters andbuses. Lowmonthly payment options available. If youwant showroomquality for a fraction of the price, call us for more details. Wolf Limo Inc. 800-921-1004 or 386-215-3999 Cynthia andWolfgang Schulze 8M • 2013 Cadillac XTS 6 Door, $24,900 • 2011Cadillac 6Door, $9,900 • 2009 BMW 140" Limousine, $19,900 • 2002 Cadillac Masterpiece with viewing window, $6,900 • 2003 Lincoln 6Door Limousine, $4,900 Call 407-366-0000, email, or visit 8MAM FUNERAL CAR LIQUIDATION OF SEVERAL HEARSES AND LIMOUSINES Hearses/Limousines 8 Hearse/Limousine Parts 7 Hearses/Limousines is continued on Page B23 Online at Call 1-800-321-7479 News Funeral Home & Cemetery ADS Classified Place Your Classified Ad ADS Classified Online “Specialists in Funeral Coach Conversion Work” Hearses - Limousines - Conversion Coaches Call Joe or Tony Molina 1-800-506-1983 (314) 781-1500 - St. Louis, MO View our Inventory at Limousines 2011 Superior Cadillac, 47” 6-dr, silver. 2006 Superior Cadillac, 47” 6-dr, silver, $15,500 Same Style as 2011 (2) 2006 Eureka Cadillac 6-dr, white w/blue leather interior 2004 Eureka Cadillac, 47” 6-dr, black, Sharp! 2004 S&S Cadillac 47” 6-dr, triple black, Very Clean, Excellent Condition! 2003 Federal Lincoln, 65”, 6-dr, reversible center seat, black w/ black top 2001 Eureka Cadillac, 6-dr, black w/ black vinyl. Runs Great! Hearses 2010 Superior Cadillac Statesman Coach, black/black vinyl top, only 34k miles, Elegant! 2008 Superior Cadillac Statesman Coach, dk blue, oval windows,Sharp! Like New! 2006 Eureka Cadillac Coach w/oval windows, white w/blue leather interior 2003 Superior Cadillac Statesman, black, Very Clean! 2003 S&S Cadillac Medalist, black w/black vinyl, blue velour int., manual extend table, Excellent condition! 2002 Superior Cadillac Sovereign (Commercial Glass), white, tan vinyl top, neutral int., Sharp! 2002 Superior Cadillac Statesman, black, black vinyl top, black vinyl int., 46k miles 2000 Eureka Lincoln Kingsford, white/white vinyl top, blue velour int., 58k miles 2000 Superior Cadillac Coach, dk blue, Sharp. 1999 Eureka Lincoln Kingsford, white/white vinyl top, black velour int., 58k miles Now Taking Orders S&S Superior 2022 Cadillac XT5 Rob e r t P Dur an t. com * Plus applicable state tax & fees 215-570-7839 Let Us Continue To Pray For Peace In Our Communities Stand Up For Social Justice For All People 2013 Superior Hearse, 70,000 mls, $51,000 2009 Lincoln Limo, 42,000 mls, $19,000 2017 S&S 47” Limo, 22,000 mls, $73,995 2007 Lincoln Hearse, 98,000 mls, $24,995 2018 MKT 120” Limo, 45,000 mls, Please Call for Pricing 2007 Lincoln 120” Limo, 98,000 mls, $13,995 “As always I am honored to serve you!” Let Me Put Together The Most Competitive Package For Your New Fleet of Funeral Cars Robert P. Durant Your Funeral Coach & Limousine Dealer Golden Hearse Robert Durant’s see