March 2023

Page B11 march 2023 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Se c t i on B Strategic Funeral Resources Introduces Social Media Programs Using the AVA artificial intelligence software allows funeral home owners to create original personalized video content for their social media accounts that engages families on many end-of-life topics as well as important community events withwhich they are involved, thereby differentiating their funeral home from those firms posting generic content. BARRIE,ON— Strategic Funeral Resources, the consulting company that helps funeral homes innovate and transform, has recently introduced its social media advertising programs. Each program is available in one of two (standard and preferred) packages, and many offer exceptional customization features. It’s personalized social media at prices every funeral home can afford. “We have long recognized the ongoing revenue challenges for our clients and developed a range of social media marketing options that allow funeral homes to spend significantly less on basic content and spend more on digital advertising to grow their market share,” commented Curt Fitzsimmons, president of Strategic Funeral Resources. “Spending more on delivering your tailored message to a wider audience versus spending significant dollars on generic posts four or five times a week only makes good business sense. Imagine having high quality, personalized content at ultra-competitive prices that leave you enough cash to actually then promote your funeral home brand.” The packages also integrate Strategic Funeral Resources’ proprietary Automated Virtual Arranger (AVA) artificial intelligence software into the packages. By personalizing the funeral home owner or staff member, the AVA process takes the best types of human interactions – engaging, warm and emotional connections – and combines them with revolutionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to create a lifelike content viewing experience for your target audience. “We have found that as demand for video content continues to surge, consumers who watch video ads are more likely to engage with that product or service. Based on our experience so far, our original, customized content allows funeral homes to engage directly with families and differentiate themselves from firms that are posting generic content,” commented Fitzsimmons. “Telling their story on pre-need, pricing, services, cremation, burial, memorialization, etc. is a major step in branding and communicating what the firm stands for and now they can do so for a lot less.” SFR’s social media programs offer different types of customized videos, not just generic content postings. Posting generic content four or five times a week may not build the client relationships funeral homes desire as there is very little engagement with those posts. Additionally, receiving a generic post from a funeral home four or five times a week can become annoying. “The messaging in a number of our posts will focus on different aspects of life (senior activities, eating well, family relationships), not just pre-need, caskets, urns, etc.,” added Fitzsimmons. “Research has shown that seniors 55+ prefer to engage with companies who promote health and well-being and while funeral homes typically don’t do that today, we are planning on making that part of our message.” Most packages are available without an annual contract. Packages include a minimum of one social media post per week as well as an annual online strategy session, free Facebook design, content updates, branded Holiday messaging, comment monitoring, and much more. Strategic Funeral Resources is a boutique funeral solution firm that provides outstanding, customized client service and solutions, just like your funeral home or cemetery. Over the years, the firm has provided a wide range of services for burial or cremation opportunities, both tactical and strategic. Strategic Funeral Resources’ arrangement office focus has helped their funeral home clients to build their businesses profitably while implementing new ideas and concepts for the future. To learn more, visit ISLIP,NY— Rocketman Tech offers the B2 Balmer, the latest in embalming machine technology. It provides a wide array of benefits and features, including stainless steel construction with systolic/diastolic pulse, multi-reservoir toggle switch, pump power controller, and recirculation valve. Brad Apsey of Apsey Funeral Home in Deckerville, MI tested the machine and had a lot to say about the new technology. Brad started working part-time in the funeral home that he now owns in 1970. It was the summer after he graduated from high school and the VietnamWar was still going on. “That was the last place I wanted to go, so I enrolled in a junior college which gave me a student deferment,” says Brad. However, he didn’t realize that his deferment was only for two years, since it was a junior college. “The draft lottery was still on then, and that summer I turned 18,” Brad says. “I was sitting in the funeral home office listening to the radio when the announcer read off the first five dates drawn the night before. My birth date was the last date he read, #5. So, in the fall of 1972, I was drafted into the United States Army.” At the time, Brad was married with an infant son. After basic training and AIT, he got orders for Thailand, where he served. “So, after getting discharged, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.” He says that funeral service was always in the back of his mind, so he went back to college, attending Wayne State School of Mortuary Science in Detroit. “I graduated in 1977, and in 1979, my hometown funeral home where I started came up for sale. So, with the help of my father and the local bank, I became the new Brad Apsey’s Review of New Embalming Technology Brad Apsey pictured with his Rocketman Tech B2-Balmer Rocketman Tech B2-Balmer owner,” he says. The home was established in 1909 by E.P. Carman. The Carman name is still well-known throughout the county, with his great grandson still running the funeral home in Brown City, MI. “My wife and I have been serving the Deckerville area going on 44 years. I still enjoy serving the families of this community and don’t show signs of slowing down, at least in my mind,” Brad says. He has three grown children - a pilot, a flight attendant, and a nurse - who have not shown interest in the funeral home. “I guess I am the first and last of my family in funeral service,” he says. Regarding the Rocketman embalming technology, Brad was more than satisfied. He says, “While reading the Funeral Home & Cemetery News, I came across an opportunity to partner and ‘test’ a newly manufactured embalming machine. I have been using Rocketman Tech’s B2-Balmer for several months now and want to let you know it delivers.” “The B2 works differently than the legacy embalming machines, and the pulse selection is not your grandfather’s pulse machine,” he adds. “This pulse feature simulates the heart, systolic-diastolic phases. When you first start to inject with the pulse feature on, you will notice the veins start to pop. The pump regulates the pressure, so you don’t need to worry about blowing out a neck using higher pressure.” Brad continues, “Secondly, I have been getting distribution down the legs to the feet with only a one-point injection. Not always, but usually. The two reservoirs are helpful in the fact that the pre-inject goes in the small one and by setting up the second one with the arterial fluid, after injecting the pre-inject, you can set the alternate reservoir to the mix mode if you are using dye while setting the features and waiting for the pre-inject to work.” “This is a new innovation to an old profession,” Brad concludes. Ask yourself, why is our most sacred room the last to receive an upgrade? Learn more at Learn more about this year’s agenda and register at This year’s Annual Conference is bringing you the best of both worlds — building connections and engaging in quality education. As an attendee, you can expect talks on leadership, the sales process, and much more! In between the education, you’ll connect with suppliers to gain potential new business partners as well as have ample time to cultivate those current relationships. CONNECTING &learning