March 2023

Page A25 march 2023 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Se c t i on A AMRA INSTRUMENTS Researched, Developed and Patented by Funeral Directors Research,Inc. visit for links to our Supply Chain Partners ™ ® Options for Memorialization Treasured Tribute Celebrate Spirituality, Family, Passion, Life Create a Treasured Tribute 1. Choose a photo 2. Choose a Wilbert Legacy Print U where Funeral Professionals can learn and earn continuing education units at no cost! For information on the wide variety of topics and to register for any, go to Paak Serves the Muslim Community Continued from Page A24 expanded into New Jersey,” they say. Islamic funeral services are simple and quick. Islamic tradition teaches that it’s important to be swift in burying the deceased and avoiding any unnecessary delays. When someone passes away, it’s not uncommon for a burial to take place on the same day or the next day. Islamic law, or sharia, dictates that funeral arrangements must start immediately after the death of a loved one. This means there is no viewing or visitation, and mourners must attend their mosque’s prayer room to offer religious prayers for the deceased. The funeral service consists of a traditional method for washing and preparing the body for the Hereafter. And then the Janazah prayer is performed, which is a special prayer made for the forgiveness of the deceased and living. The only option for burial is in the ground because of the Islamic belief that we are made of clay and return to clay and will be raised from clay on the Day of Judgment. Over the years, Paak Funeral Home has built a brand that people recognize and trust. They created a website that’s easy to find, modern, and accessible on mobile devices. Those considering their services can find helpful information, and current clients can use specific tools on the site to submit forms and make payments online, either on their computer or on their phone. Paak Funeral Home worked to create a recognizable brand with a voice that resonates with their families, whether on the website, flyers, postcards, business cards, online advertisements, social media pages, and so on. They stay in contact with their families using direct mail. They reach out to customers and explain how pre-planning saves loved ones time, money, and stress when they are grieving. They’ve found that satisfied families tell the community what Paak Funeral Home’s services did for them in their time of need. Paak Funeral Home conducts seminars and community events to let people know what they do differently from other funeral homes. Paak Funeral Home has an established tradition of helping families create a ceremony essential to the healing process and the Islamic worldview. They provide funeral services that adhere to the Qur’ān and authentic Sunnahs and all services are held at the funeral home itself. They provide consultation nationally and want to extend an invitation to other funeral homes to reach out if they have a Muslim family. Also, since they are located in New York City, they are able to assist in shipping remains locally and overseas. Learn more at Paak Funeral Home, Sayreville, NJ Interior at the Rigeville Location BUYER’S GUIDE Find the Industry Suppliers You Need EVEN FASTER and Onl ine Di rector i es at SEND US YOUR NEWS! PO Box 5159 Youngstown, Oh 44514 1-800-321-7479