March 2023

Page A24 march 2023 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Se c t i on A The Fan Man, Inc. Fans Calendars Urns Register Books Dresses Advertising Specialties John Mannion “WhatEver You Need” 1-800-671-8280 Cell: 803-417-2940 Share this NEW resource with grieving families to remind them that they are not alone. Paak Serves the Muslim Community Continued from Front Page Continued on page A25 something completely new. The concept was to set up a funeral home that specializes in serving the Muslim community. While the city of New York was providing services from a variety of different funeral homes, one faith was being overlooked. Muslims were unable to find any funeral home that appropriately met the needs of their faith and practice. Once open on Catalpa Avenue in Ridgewood, Paak Funeral Home provided them with fort, a funeral service provides an opportunity to pray to Allah to have mercy on the deceased. A requirement called sufficiency duty or farḍ al-kifāya is imposed on the whole community of believers, or the ummah. A classic example for farḍ al-kifāya is the funeral prayer, or Janazah. The individual is not required to perform it as long as a sufficient number of community members fulfill it. Paak Funeral Home decided to provide farḍ al-kifāya to the whole community of believers. “We are pleased to be the first Muslim funeral home who is carrying out this noble obligation as a licensed and independent institution in New York and Paak Funeral Home, Ridgewood Location Interior at the New Jersey Location Above: Washing Room. Right: Cold Storage Room all of their religious needs. Initially located solely in New York City, they eventually expanded into New Jersey, as well. Their location is just minutes by car and train from Manhattan and all other counties of New York City. Paak strives to meet the needs of local Muslims. An Islamic funeral is a spiritual occasion that adheres to a strict set of funeral customs and rites and is central to the entire Muslim community. In addition to offering the family com-