March 2023

Page A17 march 2023 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Se c t i on A Envoi Cremation Announces Inaugural Memorialization Partners in Los Angeles LOS ANGELES,CA— Envoi Cremation, a simple, affordable online solution to purchase cremation services, announced its first memorialization partnerships with three Los Angeles cemeteries. These locations will provide Envoi customers with preferred options to host remembrance ceremonies or permanently memorialize their loved one’s remains after cremation services are completed. It is often reported that one in every five American households have at least one set of cremated remains, so the ability to memorialize a cremated loved one is a growing need. Located in Inglewood, Commerce, and Gardena respectively, Inglewood Park, Park Lawn, and Roosevelt Memorial will give Envoi Cremation customers access to both a location to host a service of remembrance as well as a place to permanently memorialize their loved ones. These locations have served as trusted members of their communities for nearly 100 years, making them ideal partners to complement Envoi’s focus on trust and transparency. “More consumers are realizing that cremation is merely a stop on the journey to remembering their loved one,” said Gill Giddens, president of Envoi Cremation. “Giving consumers options to permanently memorialize their loved ones is a full-service option we wanted to give consumers, and these three locations are respected institutions within their respective communities.” Each location boasts a wide variety of memorialization options, from inurnment to mausoleums to scattering gardens. As part of the partnership, Envoi Cremation customers will receive a voucher towards any permanent memorialization at a partner location. According to the 2022 Funeral and Cemetery Consumer Behavior Study (FCCBS), nearly 65% of consumers expect to be able to review available products and services online. As a new technology company in the funeral space, Envoi’s memorialization partnership strengthens its ability to offer convenient services. Envoi plans to expand its memorialization partnerships as they continue to grow and serve Southern California. Continued on page A18 800 - 321 - 7479 ~ www. Nom i sPu b l i c at i on s. com S E N D U S Y O U R N E W S W e w e l c o m e n e w s o f t h e i n d u s t r y Send us information on your firm today! FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Need Help Putting Your Press Release Together? Call Peggy at 800-321-7479 ext. 220 email Peggy@Nomi sPubl i cat i fax 1-800-321-9040 mail PO Box 5159, Youngstown, OH 44514 Send us any press release related to your firm which would be of interest to your fellow industry professionals. All press releases are published free of charge and at the discretion of the publisher. Be sure to include any photographs. Staff additions. . . Staff promotions. . . Apprenticeships. . . Remodel ing. . . Moving. . . New Ideas. . . Community Service Projects. . . Anniversaries. . . Graduates. . . Obituaries. . . etc. Every family deserves personalized stationery and keepsakes to honor, remember and celebrate the life of their loved one. Signature SERVICE • SERVICE FOLDERS • REGISTER BOOKS • PRAYER CARDS • OBITUARY CARDS and more! • WOOD PLAQUES • CASKET PANELS • CANVASES • CANDLES P R OMO COD E 9 2 6 7 VISIT OUR FAMILY OF BRANDS LET US DESIGN, PRINT & SHIP!