January 2023

Page B14 January 2023 FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Se c t i on B ADS Classified Funeral home for sale! Excellent opportunity available in South Florida to purchase a well established, free standing family owned and operated Funeral Home in one of the best markets in America (serving Palm Beach, Martin and Broward Counties). Over 7 million in trust. Owner retiring to spend time with family after 30 years of continuous operation. This truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the buyer. Please send inquiries by email only to Markcpa1@gmail.com for more detailed information. All inquiries will be held in the strictest confidence. 5NDJ SOUTH JERSEY FUNERAL HOME FOR SALE Well-established funeral home, handles 65-75 calls annually with Gross Revenue of $350,000-$400,000 with excellent potential for growth. Pre-needs total approximately $450,000. This meticulously-kept facility is situated on a prominent lot with good visibility. Confidential inquiries to Melissa Drake at American Funeral Consultants, melissa@teamafc.com 5BNDJ Funeral Business For Sale 5 Will accept highest bidder on this unique urn patented in the USA, China and Europe Will supply the manufacturer’s name, location, telephone number, etc. The urn is called “The Benevolence Urn.” The of about 375-400 in stock. Interested inquiries may call 919-638-9177 for details. 3NDJ owner wi l l own e r . The r e ’s a n i n - ventory s e l l a l l r ights to th i s e l o - q u e n t design to t he new TRAINING FOR FUNERAL HOME CELEBRANTS Provide a trained, certified celebrant for families who do not have a clergy and/or want ameaningful, personal service. It is adaptable to any religious or ethnic group or to the nonreligious. Our program is conducted entirely online and can be completed in about ten weeks. It is self-directive, but students have the opportunity to interact one-on-one with a competent, experienced instructor via email, phone and Zoom. Upon completion of the program, a Certificate of Celebrancy is awarded by our affiliate, Global Ministries University. Tuition is very affordable! Visit www.becomeacelebrant.org or email director@ becomeacelebrant.org 4J Business Opportunities 3 Consultation Services 4 Funeral Business For Sale is continued on Page B16 PLEASENOTE: Wedonot takeresponsibility for our box holders. We hope they will respond promptly in a responsiblemanner. PLEASE! Do not ask us to contact box holders. Contact can only be made in writing. NO information will be given regarding box holders. call 1-800-321-7479 or visit www.NomisPublications.com ADS Classified Online to place your —Classified Ad FUNERAL HOME & CEMETERY NEWS Rob e r t P Dur an t. com * Plus applicable state tax & fees 215-570-7839 Let Us Continue To Pray For Peace In Our Communities Stand Up For Social Justice For All People 2013 Superior Hearse, 70,000 mls, $51,000 2009 Lincoln Limo, 42,000 mls, $19,000 2017 S&S 47” Limo, 22,000 mls, $73,995 2007 Lincoln Hearse, 98,000 mls, $24,995 2018 MKT 120” Limo, 45,000 mls, Please Call for Pricing 2007 Lincoln 120” Limo, 98,000 mls, $13,995 “As always I am honored to serve you!” Let Me Put Together The Most Competitive Package For Your New Fleet of Funeral Cars Robert P. Durant Your Funeral Coach & Limousine Dealer Golden Hearse Robert Durant’s see C-W Coach Sales Since 1983 Hearses 2014 Cadillac Superior, black/black top, 27k miles....................... $59,975 2009 Cadillac Federal Heritage, silver/black top, 62k miles......... $ 7,975 2008 Cadillac S&S Medalist, black/black top, 64k miles. ............. $ 6,975 2007 Cadillac Eagle Oval Window, black/black top, 42k miles.... $ 7,975 2004 Lincoln Eureka, silver/silver top, 59k miles.......................... $ 4,500 2004 Cadillac Eureka Xtend Table, blue/blue top, 125k miles..... $ 3,500 2004 Lincoln Eureka Oval Window, navy/navy top, 89k miles. ... $ 7,975 2002 Cadillac Federal/1 Owner, black/black top, 61k miles. ........ $ 4,250 2001 Cadillac Eureka, silver/black top, 66k miles......................... $ 2,975 1999 Lincoln Eagle Crown Band, white/white top, 69k miles. ..... $ 3,975 Funeral Home Limousines 2011 Cadillac Federal Raised Roof, black/black top, 18k miles... $ 8,975 2007 Cadillac S&S Limousine (Pair), white/white top, 57k miles.$ 5,975 2006 Cadillac Federal 46” 6-Dr, lt. blue/white top, 99k miles. ...... $ 3,000 2005 Lincoln S&S 47”, black/black top, 48k miles........................ $ 3,500 2003 Lincoln 120” VIP, white/white top, 64k miles........................ $ 3,500 2003 Cadillac DaBryan 85” 5-Dr, lt. blue/white top, 67k miles. .... $ 2,975 513-821-0000 Cincinnati, OH cwcoach.com