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Presidents and Popes, explore the rich heritage of the
industry which cares for the dead and more.
There’s always something interesting to learn and
explore at the National Museum of Funeral History.
With more than twelve permanent exhibits, there’s
February. As they honor those who have passed in the previous
year, the museum also memorializes them, too, in the
for the Memories
exhibit. From Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joan
Rivers and Casey Kasem to Robin Williams, Shirley Temple,
James Garner and Lauren Bacall, the museum pays tribute to
100 Black Women of Funeral
honored two
Dallas Institute of Funeral Service
graduates with the 2014 Legacy Next Generation Schol-
arship Award and the President’s Excellence Award of
Achievement. The awards were presented by Dallas Insti-
tute President
James Shumake
on November 14, 2014.
The 100BWFS Legacy Scholarship recipient is
Daryl M.
A recent graduate of Dallas Institute, Daryl is a retired
US Navy veteran and has had a career in accounting. He also
holds a BS degree from the University of North Texas and
dard of excellence my mother gives 24/7 at our family firm,
and to continue to keep dignity and reverence in all that I do
to serve families. I know what the 100BWFS expects from
me, and I will make a positive impact.” Daryl thanks his
mother Sandra D. Clark for mentoring her children and in-
stilling the values of education and a strong work ethic.
La Kisha Cole is the recipient of the 100BWFS Presidential
Scholarship Award. Being a funeral director and embalm-
er has been a passion for La Kisha since she was nine years
old. She was intrigued with books on the ancient Egyptians,
King Tut and ancient mummies. The history of embalming
caused her to wonder how a person could die 2000 years
ago and be preserved in such a manner that you could see
a window into their lives. That is where her dream of be-
coming a mortician developed. She successfully completed
two quarters at the Dallas Institute, but had to stop school
and seek fulltime work. “I gained employment with
Mortuary Affairs
and saved up enough money to go back to
school in February 2014. I was able to return and gladly say
‘I MADE IT,’ as I walked across the stage in November, with
God’s blessings and with Him guiding my steps.” She is also
excited about working and learning more while studying to
be a pathologist’s assistant.
La Kisha is a full time caregiver to her grandmother as well
as a divorced mother and full time parent. She has many ac-
complishments and she takes all of these experiences to her
mortuary career. La Kisha is a diligent and determined work-
er and is giving back to her community throughout her life.
The Cremation As-
sociation of North America
(CANA) and
National Funeral Directors Associa-
(NFDA) have again partnered to co-
host the 2015 CANA &NFDA Cremation
Symposium, which will take place Febru-
ary 4-5, 2015, at the Tropicana Las Vegas.
CANA and NFDA are teaming up to offer
unique educational sessions that will offer
creative and practical strategies to help fu-
neral and cremation professionals meet the
evolving needs of families that choose cre-
100 Black Women of Funeral Service Award Two
Scholarships to Dallas Institute Graduates
Daryl M. Clark receives the 100BWFS Legacy Scholarship award
from James Shumake.
La Kisha Cole receives the 100BWFS Presidential Scholarship
Award from James Shumake.
additional degrees in Graph-
ics, Gaming and Simula-
tion (AS) and Aircraft Pilot
Technology (AS). He joins
his mother
Sandra D. Clark
and brother
Nate Clark, II
Sandra Clark Funeral
in Dallas.
Daryl states, “I was born
into the funeral business by
my loving parents, with me
in the baby carriage at the fu-
neral home. I learned empa-
thy as a child and it has had
a big impact on my life. I
know that I am a leader and
provider and my goal is sim-
ply to provide the same stan-
CANA/NFDA Team Up to Present 2015
Cremation Symposium
mation and boost their bottom line.
The innovators and experts who will share
their knowledge with symposium attendees
Janelle Barlow,
Managing Change
Remaining Prof-
itable as Cremation Rates Soar;
Victor Imperi,
Pricing is Not About Price:
How to Price and Package to Serve Your
Families Better;
Lynn Elliot
The Power of Email Market-
ing, Google Benefits to Your Business…and